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I make jewellery primarily with real plants and/or with oriental paper.
Plants such as moss, lichen, carrot, cilantro, dill, salal, fern and others are used.  They are from my garden and neighbourhood.  I make collage pieces with them and oriental paper.  Non-plant collages are made of Japanese Yuzen and Unryuu paper.  The collage pieces are glued onto glass tiles or embedded in resin or bezel to make the necklaces or earrings.   Each piece is hand made by myself and all are one of a kind.

If you are interested in my work, please visit my online shop on Etsy.  Or, if you live near or plan to visit Vancouver Canada, please check the calendar for my market schedule.  I sell at various craft shows and markets.  These markets usually feature hand made products by local artists. These talented artists sell jewellery, clothing, soap, jams, chocolates, cards, toys, photographs, pottery, and  more.  Shopping at these markets also supports the local economy.

About "Chaerea"
This is the name of a Roman soldier Gaius Cassius Chaerea.  He was a Praetorian Prefects who assassinated the notorious Julio-Claudian Emperor Gaius Caligula.  He was then executed by Emperor Claudius.
I was fascinated with this story when young.  I began using his name as an alias on the internet.   So I used "chaerea" when I created my Etsy account, although at that time I was only interested in buying.  
When I decided to open the shop I considered using a name more relevant to my jewellery but  I decided to stay with Charea when I realized all my other accounts use part of his name.