"Welcome to my research page, I specialise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)"
Assistant professor in the National School of Applied Sciences, Al-Hociema, Morocco ( ENSAH )
Phd researcher in Mechanical and Energy Laboratory, Faculty of sciences, Oujda.
First Mohammed University, Oujda, Morocco.

My research has for many years focused on  the construction of computational methods for solving partial differential equations, especialy  SHALLOW WATER EQUATIONS. In this optic my main interests include:

  • Fluid dynamics, Water flows, Shallow water Turbulence modeling.
  • Numerical methods:
    • Finite volumes method,
    • Radial basis function (Meshless method),
    • Random walk particale tracking.
  • Shallow water equations,  Convection-diffusion equations.
  • Coastal water, Lagons and bays modeling,
  • Tidal energy extraction modelling.
  • Applications in environnemental and civil engineering: 
    • Dam-break problems,
    • Pollutions and oils transport,

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