This page includes some of my discussions of papers at various conferences and workshops:

Politics and History Network 2018

Discussion of "Agrarian Elites, Eocnomic Diversification and Local Fiscal Capacity" by Giuliana Pardelli

PolExp Workshop 2018

Discussion of "Ethnic Riots and Pro-Social Behavior: Evidence

from Kyrgyzstan" by Krzysztof Krakowski, Anselm Rink and Max Schaub

IPErG-UB and VOTREP Workshop 2017

Discussion of "Long-Lasting Social Capital: The Legacy of the Commons" by Anna Tur-Prats and Daniel Montolio

Barcelona-Gothenburg Workshop 2016

Discussion of "Gendered Negotiations" by Daniel Naurin, Elin Naurin and Amy Alexander

Girona Policy Evaluation Workshop 2016

Discussion of "Ethnic Inequality and the Dismantling of Democracy" by Christian Houle

Council for European Studies, Annual Meeting Paris 2015

Discussion Territorial Politics Panel

Rosa Virós Workshop Barcelona 2015

Discussion of "Decision Making in Coalitions and the Economic Vote" by Albert Falcó-Gimeno