The Sport & Movement Science Laboratory (SMSL) and Applied Physiology Laboratory are two of the research and teaching laboratory spaces within the Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University. The purpose of these laboratories is to educate and investigate factors contributing to improvements in human performance across the lifespan and a reduction in injury rates during training, competition, and activities of daily living.

Numerous faculty within the Department of Kinesiology are actively involved in ongoing projects within the space, including Department Chair, Dr. David Szymanski, Dr.Jordan Blazo, Ms. Erin Nevala. Other Department of Kinesiology faculty are also associated with research within the ongoing research projects with the department and laboratory spaces. 

Dr. David Szymanski is an internationally renowned researcher, primarily focusing on factors associated with enhancing sport performance, baseball and softball performance, and strength and condition. He previously served as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Louisiana Tech University baseball team and the Auburn University baseball team.

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Sport & Movement Science Lab News & Announcements 
Recent News
  • IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  **Department of Kinesiology offers new GTA positions
  • Bossier Parish High school students visit Department of kinesiology. 
    •  On 1/20/17, Kelly Wheeler(Sports Medicine teacher in Bossier Parish) brought the HS to Louisiana Tech. Students have shown interest in attending Louisiana Tech as well as majoring in Kinesiology. Students also visited the different Labs present in the department.More Details
Current Projects
  • The efficacy of Nootropic supplement "XACT" to acutely improve mental acuity, reaction time, physical energy, and performance in healthy Men and women.
  • Acute effects of exogenous Citrulline-Malate supplementation on aerobic cycling capacity and subsequent anaerobic cycling performance in young males and females. For more info please click here.
  • Effect of fatigue on coordination variability during the execution of a cycling Time to Exhaustion and Wingate trial in a young, male population. For more info please click here
Recent Publications
  • Dr. David Szymanski recently had a chapter published in the book Developing the Core, Human Kinetics, Champaign IL. pp. 133-140, 2014.

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