The Sport & Movement Science Laboratory (SMSL) is a new, interdisciplinary research and teaching space within the Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University. Serving as an interdisciplinary research space, combining motor control, exercise physiology, and biomechanics, the SMSL offers students and faculty alike the facilities necessary to examine topics related to sport and movement science. 

The primary investigators within the SMSL are Dr. David Szymanski and Dr. Braden Romer, though other Department of Kinesiology faculty are also associated with research within the SMSL. Please see the Faculty & Staff page for a full listing of graduate faculty within the Department of Kinesiology.

Dr. David Szymanski is an internationally renowned researcher, primarily focusing on factors associated with enhancing sport performance, baseball and softball performance, and strength and condition. He also serves as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Louisiana Tech University Baseball team, providing opportunities for graduate assistants to gain applied knowledge in performance enhancement. 

Dr. Braden Romer primarily focuses on biomechanical factors related to athletic injury and cumulative trauma disorders, specifically the effect of footwear components on lower extremity and lumbar biomechanics and muscle activity.

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Sport & Movement Science Lab News & Announcements 

Current Projects
  • Effects of an Eight Week Self-Selecting Progressive Fitness Program on an Uninsured Population
  • Influence of Altered Heel Height on Lower Extremity Kinematics and Muscle Activity during a Barbell Squat
  • Effect of Altered Afferent Feedback on Gait Kinetics during Walking for Females
Recent Publications
  • Dr. David Szymanski recently had a chapter published in the book Developing the Core, Human Kinetics, Champaign IL. pp. 133-140, 2014.