This is a page of links to videos of forms typically practiced by Chung Do Kwan students who trace their lineage to Grandmaster Duk Sung Son.

The links are for informational purposes only. Though we have made an effort to provide what we believe most would consider to be good examples, there are variations in how forms are practiced across all martial arts schools, even closely related schools. It is not appropriate to label a particular variation as "incorrect" because there are multiple valid applications and interpretations for many moves. Generally what matters more is the skill, speed, balance, spirit, and power of the execution by the practitioner.

Please note that the spelling of the form names can vary as well. All spellings are transliterations, and so there will be differences. This is not important.

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Kuk Mu 1

Kuk Mu 2

Kuk Mu 3

Kuk Mu 4

Kuk Mu 5

Pyong An 1

Pyong An 2

Pyong An 3

Pyong An 4

Pyong An 5

Chul Gi 1

Chul Gi 2

Pal Sek

Ship Soo

Yun Bee

Ja On

Ja On (Extended)