Centerville, Indiana

High School Alumni Database and Yearbooks

The Centerville - Abington Community Schools Alumni database was created by Linda Toschlog in conjunction with the Centerville- Center Township Public Library. There are two formats available.

CHS Yearbook Page Links (Excel)

With the link above, you can easily find a yearbook from Centerville High School.

1. Click the link above and a preview of the database will pop up.

2. Look to the top right corner of the preview and click the download button.

3. Once the excel file has downloaded, navigate to your downloads folder and double click the file name to open.

CHS Alumni Database (PDF)

By clicking on the link above you can view the entire alumni database in your web browser. It is not recommended that you print this document as it is almost 200 pages long. Instead, find the section of the database to print and note the page numbers at the bottom of the page. Then simply print those pages of interest.

Need Help?

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