Online Students

You can find syllabus and textbook information for your class by clicking the links in the left-hand column.

ADD  CODES are available for all of these classes. To get one, send me your name, student ID number and the name of the class you want. Payment of tuition for this class  will not be a prerequisite to enrolling but will be required before you can take a  class in a subsequent semester.

All of these classes have wait lists available. If the class you want is full at the time you attempt to enroll, you may place yourself on the wait list and you will be added as space becomes available in the first two weeks of class. The Introduction to Theatre class typically has two sections offered online. If one is filled, you may enroll in the second section. If both are filled, you may place your name on the wait list.  I will make every effort to issue "add codes" to all waitlisted students.
Introduction to Theatre and Modern Drama also have in-person lecture sections. Consult the College class schedule online for details.