The workshop is structured around the following four sessions:

 Session 1
dLB: Software transformation methods and challenges
 Session 2
FIR: Application feature identification and removal, including approaches for feature-code association
 Session 3
V&V: Verification and model extraction of transformed software
 Session 4
FET: Supporting and complementary approaches and methods; foundations and enablers for software transformation

Final program:

Time Title Authors
0830 - 0855 Introduction and Overview Sukarno Mertoguno (ONR)
Session 1: dLB (Chair: Gary Toth, ONR)
0855 - 0915 Software Transformation: Applications, Tools, Challenges, and Program Representation Eric Schulte, Michael McDougall, and Dave Melski (Grammatech)
0915 - 0935 Beyond Binary Program Transformation Bruno Dutertre, Ashish Gehani, Hassen Saidi, Martin Schäf, and Ashish Tiwari (SRI International)
0935 - 0955 XS-Shredder: A Cross-Layer Framework for Removing Code Bloat in Web Applications Adam Doupé (ASU), Alexandros Kapravelos (NCSU), Manuel Egele (BU), and Nick Nikiforakis (Stony Brook)
0955 - 1015 A New Direction for Reverse Engineering Dinghao Wu (Penn State)
1015 - 1030 Open discussion led by session chair
1030 - 1100 Coffee Break
Session 2: FIR (Chair: Ryan Craven, ONR)
1100 - 1120 Feature Identification and Removal for Legacy Binaries Xiangyu Zhang and Dongyan Xu (Purdue)
1120 - 1140 Binary Software Complexity Reduction: From Artifact to Feature Removal Masoud Ghaffarinia and Kevin Hamlen (UT Dallas)
1140 - 1200 Software Customization and Bloatware Mitigation Based on Static Analysis Dinghao Wu
1200 - 1230 Open discussion led by session chair
1230 - 1400 Lunch
Session 3: V&V (Chair: Sukarno Mertoguno, ONR)
1400 - 1420 Applications of Binary Analysis and Transformation in Security and Optimization Joe Hendrix, Tristan Ravitch, and Simon Winwood (Galois)
1420 - 1440 Safety-Security Control Code Verification Saman Zonouz (Rutgers)
1440 - 1500 A Bottom-Up Verification Approach for Systems Software Yakoub Nemouchi and Binoy Ravindran (Virginia Tech)
1500 - 1530 Open discussion led by session chair
1530 - 1600 Coffee Break
Session 4: (Chair: Gary Toth, ONR)
1600 - 1620 De-Inductive Reasoning and Explanation for Cybersecurity Threats (DIRECT) Anupam Datta (CMU), Matt Fredrikson (CMU), Joel Hypolite (UPenn), Andrew Myers (Cornell), Jonathan Smith (UPenn), Andre Scedrov (UPenn), Shayak Sen (CMU), Carolyn Talcott (SRI), and Nathan Dautenhahn (UPenn)
1620 - 1640 libdetox: A Framework for Online Program Transformation Mathias Payer (Purdue)
1640 - 1700 Removing Abstraction Layers Dynamically Jan Vitek (NEU)
1700 - 1720 Runtime Transformation through Augmented Binary Analysis David Williams-King and Junfeng Yang (Columbia)
1720 - 1750 Open discussion led by session chair
1750 - 1800 Closing Remarks Gary Toth and Ryan Craven (ONR)