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Academic Articles

1) Simon Lichman

Uses of Hopscotch in Multicultural, Intergenerational Co-existence Education

Journal of Folklore and Education, Youth in Community, 2015: Volume 2, pp. 7-11.

2) Simon Lichman and Rivanna Miller

Meeting in the Middle East: Ionaand Peter Opie’s contribution to co-existence education.

The International Journal of Play, Volume 3, Issue 3, 2014. 


3) Ron Smith and Keith Sullivan 

A Report to SCoTENS on the ‘Bringing School Communities Together to Promote Education for Diversity’ Project. (pdf) 

A report on CCECH's participation in the development of a co-existence program in Northern Ireland.

4) Simon Lichman and Rivanna Miller

The Application of Folklore to Multicultural and Co-Existence Education(pdf), ETAI Forum, 2003, pp.12-13, Eds. Batya Lederfein and Margaret Porat.

5) Simon Lichman and Rivanna Miller

Traditional Creativity and Coexistence Education .

C.A.R.T.S. (Cultural Arts Resources For Teachers And Students), Spring 2003, Vol. 7, pp.15-16.

6) Simon Lichman and Rivanna Miller

Showing Different Images with Games

The Coexistence Chronicle, Spring 2002, Vol 2,Issue 1, pp.1&5.

7) Simon Lichman

From Hopscotch to Siji: Generations at Play in a cross-cultural setting. In Bishop, Julia C. and Mavis Curtis.Play Today in the Primary School Playground.Open University Press: Buckingham (2001), pp.152-166.

8Simon Lichman and Keith Sullivan

Harnessing Folklore and Traditional Creativity to Promote Better Understanding between Jewish and Arab Children in IsraelEducation, Culture and Values, Vol 6. Politics, Education and Citizenship,(eds)  M. S. Modgil and C. Modgil,  The Falmer Press ( London and Washington, D.C.: 2000), pp.66-77.

9) Simon Lichman

 Knowing Ourselves/knowing Each Other: Traditional Creativity in the Multicultural School Setting of Israel. Lore and Language, Vol. 15, Numbers 1-2, 1997, pp.161-171.