CCAPP AstroParticle Lunch

Fridays from 12:15pm - 1:15pm 

Price Place (PRB M2005)

12:15 pm, Friday, Feb 22nd in PRB M2005 (Price Place)
  1. First results on sub-GeV spin-dependent dark matter
  2. Modified structure of protons and neutrons in correlated pairs
  3. Neutrinos below 100 TeV from the southern sky employing refined veto techniques to IceCube data
  4. Search for heavy neutrinos with the T2K near detector ND280
  5. Search for light sterile neutrinos with the T2K far detector Super-Kamiokande at a baseline of 295 km
  6. Space-Time Discriminant to Separate Double-Beta Decay from 8B Solar Neutrinos in Liquid Scintillator
  7. Neutrino Tridents at DUNE
  8. Background for a gamma-ray satellite on a low-Earth orbit
  9. Millisecond Pulsars and Black Holes in Globular Clusters


12:15 pm, Friday, Feb 15th in PRB M2005 (Price Place)
  1. Constraints on the ultra-high energy cosmic neutrino flux from the fourth flight of ANITA
  2. Dark Matter Search Results from the Complete Exposure of the PICO-60 C3F8 Bubble Chamber
  3. Search for dark matter with a 231-day exposure of liquid argon using DEAP-3600 at SNOLAB
  4. Constraining the spin-dependent WIMP-nucleon cross sections with XENON1T
  5. Constraints on axionlike dark matter with masses down to 10^−23 eV/c^2
  6. A Dark Matter Interpretation of the ANITA Anomalous Events
  7. Neutrino Physics with the PTOLEMY project

12:30 pm, Friday, Feb 8th in PRB M2005 (Price Place)
  1. A search for transient optical counterparts to high-energy IceCube neutrinos with Pan-STARRS1
  2. Search for transient gravitational wave signals associated with magnetar bursts during Advanced LIGO's second observing run
  3. Probing dark matter structure down to 10^7 solar masses: flux ratio statistics in gravitational lenses with line of sight halos
  4. Massive Argon Space Telescope (MAST): a concept of heavy time projection chamber for gamma-ray astronomy in the 100 MeV --- 1 TeV energy range
  5. The Neutrino Puzzle: Anomalies, Interactions, and Cosmological Tensions
  6. Production and detection of an axion dark matter echo
  7. Rare cosmological events recorded in muscovite mica

12:30 pm, Friday, Feb 1st in PRB M2005 (Price Place)
  1. WIMPs and stellar-mass primordial black holes are incompatible
  2. Higgs-mediated bound states in dark-matter models
  3. Constraining Sterile Neutrino Interpretations of the LSND and MiniBooNE Anomalies with Coherent Neutrino Scattering Experiments
  4. Measurement of neutrino-oxygen neutral-current quasi-elastic cross section using atmospheric neutrinos at Super-Kamiokande
  5. SENSEI: Direct-Detection Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark Matter from a Shallow Underground Run Using a Prototype Skipper-CCD
  6. Implications on Spatial Models of Interstellar Gamma-Ray Inverse-Compton Emission from Synchrotron Emission Studies in Radio and Microwaves
  7. Interaction between Molecular Clouds and MeV-TeV Cosmic-ray Protons Escaped from Supernova Remnants

12:30 pm, Friday, Jan 18th in PRB M2005 (Price Place)
  1. Search for gamma-ray emission from the Sun during solar minimum with the ARGO-YBJ experiment
  2. A new view on Auger data and cosmogenic neutrinos in light of different nuclear disintegration and air-shower models
  3. Escape of cosmic rays from the Galaxy and effects on the circumgalactic medium
  4. Breaking the Radio - Gamma-Ray Connection in Arp 220
  5. Strong Evidence that the Galactic Bulge is Shining in Gamma Rays
  6. Searching for low-mass dark matter particles with a massive Ge bolometer operated above-ground
  7. The Population of Eccentric Binary Black Holes: Implications for mHz Gravitational Wave Experiments

12:00 pm, Friday, Jan 11th in PRB M2005 (Price Place)
  1. New Constraints on Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter from NuSTAR M31 Observations
  2. A second source of repeating fast radio bursts
  3. Observations of fast radio bursts at frequencies down to 400 megahertz
  4. Measurement of the 8B Solar Neutrino Flux in SNO+ with Very Low Backgrounds
  5. Helium Migration through Photomultiplier Tubes -- The Probable Cause of the DAMA Seasonal Variation Effect
  6. Piezoelectrically Tuned Multimode Cavity Search for Axion Dark Matter
  7. Surface brightness profile of the 3.5 keV line in the Milky Way halo
  8. A Global Analysis of Dark Matter Signals from 27 Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies using Ten Years of Fermi-LAT Observations
  9. Hadronic Interactions of Energetic Charged Particles in Protogalactic Outflow Environments and Implications for the Early Evolution of Galaxies
  10. Twin LIGO/Virgo Detections of a Viable Gravitationally-Lensed Black Hole Merger

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