Welcome to the Cavell Park Community Garden

End of Season...or is it?

All members are required as per their lease agreement (Code of Conduct) to tidy their plots at the end of the year. 

This means:
-  Pulling out all weeds
- Removing anything that isn't a plant (signs, trellises, stakes, etc) to reduce litter
- Composting plants (reduce to small pieces first please)
- Topping up the soil level with soil from our soil pile and/or adding compost or mulch (no chemical fertlizers, etc. allowed)
-  Protecting the bed from winter/spring erosion. Many members put down tree boughs, hay or row cover. Please make sure these items are properly weighted down so they don't blow away and become litter - there are lots of big rocks in piles around the garden you may use. 

Communal bed leaders and teams are responsible for tidying and preparing the communal beds. Feel free to email the membership and ask for additionsl help. 

Members are welcome to plant over-wintering crops such as garlic. Now is a great time to plant. If you need some tips, send us an email at cavellparkcommunitygarden@gmail.com

If you are planting garlic or anything else, you are required to notify us by email at cavellparkcommunitygarden@gmail.com. The Board may be repairing or updating some beds this fall or next spring, so it's in your best interest to notify us. 

Happy gardening and tyding everyone!