Catarina Marvão

Lecturer Technological University Dublin (City Campus, School of Accounting and Finance)

Affiliated Researcher Stockholm School of Economics (SITE)


I am interested in behavioral industrial organization and finance, with antitrust applications. Much of my work focuses on cartel recidivism and damages, banking infringements, and managerial incentives.

I hold a Ph.D. from Trinity College Dublin + Johns Hopkins University (2013) and a Double M.Sc. in Economics from the Université Catholique de Louvain and Católica Lisbon (2009).

I was invited as an expert speaker at the 2018 OECD Roundtable on Collusion and you can see details of my work here.

I have gained some industry experience from working at the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM , 2008) and the Portuguese Water and Waste Regulator (ERSAR, 2007).

Ph.D. position available: "Optimizing market regulation and its enforcement"


TU Dublin, City Campus, School of Accounting and Finance , Aungier Street (Room 3071), Dublin 2, Ireland

+353 1 402 3097/3165 (general), +353 1 402 7035(direct)