Catarina Marvão

Lecturer of Economics, School of Accounting, Economics & Finance, Technological University Dublin - City 

Affiliated Researcher, Stockholm School of Economics (SITE)

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I am interested in industrial organization and finance, with antitrust applications. Much of my work focuses on cartel recidivism and damages, banking infringements, and managerial incentives.

I am currently a Lecturer in the College of Business in T.U. Dublin (since 2017), affiliated Faculty at Stockholm School of Economics (since 2017) and an External Expert at the Central Bank of Ireland (since 2/2024).

I hold a Ph.D. from Trinity College Dublin + Johns Hopkins University (2013) and a Double M.Sc. in Economics from the Université Catholique de Louvain and Católica Lisbon (2009). 

I previously worked at the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) and the Portuguese Water and Waste Regulator (ERSAR).

Ph.D. position available: "Optimizing market regulation and its enforcement"

2023 News


"Leniency inflation, cartel damages and criminalization"



"Rising Star" award by W@Competition: here


"Cartel Activity and Recidivism"

ch.21  (ed. Peter Whelan) 

3. 2023: 

"Cartels’ birth and death dynamics: empirical evidence", IJIO (ABS-3)

4. 2023: 

"RPE, Sabotage and Collusion", JAE (ABS-4*)

11. 2023: 

T.U.Dublin AWARD

Established Career Researcher


TU Dublin, City Campus, School of Accounting and Finance , Aungier Street (Room 3071), Dublin 2, Ireland

+353 1 402 3097/3165 (general), +353 1 402 7035(direct)