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Listen to the radio interview given at KEX 1190 AM Portland, OR.

The history, philosophy and origin of the sanctuary, as discussed in the book, are presented by Evan Kalik and the author, David Michael Smith.

Aired June 1, 2014. About 9 minutes long.

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Radio Interview at KEX 1190 AM May 21, 2014

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All proceeds from the sale of this book go to support the Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary.

Why would anyone want to kill a cat? The reason most often put forward by animal "shelters" is that cat populations are so high, it is a mathematical necessity in order to make space available forcontinuing numbers of incoming felines. The source

of the problem is complex. Cats breed prolifically. Their human companions often do not act responsibly, ignoring the need for spaying/neutering. At a deeper level, it would seem cats, along with other domestic animals, are too often viewed as objects, accessories that can be added or discarded with the same regard one might extend to a piece of furniture. Evan Kalik and his collaborators reject this conveyor belt mentality toward a species of sentient beings. They espouse a philosophy of the Forever Cat, not the "until" cat. A cat is not an until you get bored cat, until you find a boyfriend or girlfriend cat, until he or she gets old cat, until you have to move cat, until you have a baby cat, or until you get a new kitten cat. A cat is a Forever Cat. This book contains stories about levels of dedication to cats that most of us are unwilling or unable to emulate. They can, nonetheless, inspire us to understand that cats are complex beings with profoundly rich inner lives. They are capable of and deserve being loved. They are also capable of loving us in return.

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