With only a few employees, our Sanctuary always needs volunteers. Spending time with the kitties in the sanctuary and socializing them is very important. It improves the chances of our cats getting their forever homes, and keeps our many permanent residents happy.

Foster homes-permanent and temporary- are needed for socializing our cats-whether they are kittens, adults, or are simply not thriving in the Sanctuary atmosphere.

We also welcome just coming out to the Sanctuary, "throwing" some treats, talking, petting, and playing with our cats. This is extremely rewarding-and we provide the treats and toys! You provide the love!

Volunteer opportunities are also available for our retail location at the Wilsonville PetSmart-contact us if interested!

We are open to the public 11 am- 4 pm every day except Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Contact us about volunteering at catallianceteamsanctuary@gmail.com or by filling out our online volunteer form located here.