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Our Mission

The Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary is an organization dedicated to keeping cats out of harm's way, both physically and medically. We will work together with other cat rescues to ensure the health and well-being of the animals in our care. No cat in our care shall be put down unless the cat is terminally ill or injured, in severe pain or has stopped eating. Every cat that has been in our care remains a Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary cat. If someone adopts from us and finds they can no longer care for that cat, we will gladly accept the cat back.

Previously: When sanctuary founder, Evan Kalik, began the Cat Adoption Team shelter on May 1, 1998, it was with the thought that the cats be cared for properly, be adopted to the right person, be returned to the shelter if the new owner could no longer care for the cat and that euthanizing an animal was unacceptable unless it had stopped eating, or was dying and in pain. Evan had created a no-kill shelter with it's own on-site veterinary hospital, the first on the west coast of the United States. The shelter was successful, and ran happily for many years. Unfortunately, Evan and his board of directors disagreed on the best way to run the shelter and Evan walked away.

Today: But rescuing was not done with Evan. Sick, injured, and homeless animals seem to gravitate to him and it wasn't long before he was breaking ground on a new shelter. This building would be a safe haven for kitties brought in by other rescue groups and the public. Many smaller rescue groups take cats into their private homes and are not able to adopt them out due to behavioral or medical issues. Evan's vision of his sanctuary is where kitties needing medical care or a safe place to live, while waiting for their forever home. The kitties that are medically fragile or too feral to be adopted, can rest knowing that they will have a forever home here at the sanctuary, they are given a soft place to land!.

Founders Evan and Ardie Kalik

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