Welcome to the third annual
Cascade RAIN Meet
  April 9, 2016 
Washington State University, Vancouver

The College of Arts and Sciences at WSU Vancouver and the WSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics welcome you to the beautiful campus of WSU Vancouver for the RAIN Meet! The conference will be held in Dengerik 129-130 in the campus of WSU Vancouver (Washington) on Saturday, April 9, 2016.

The RAIN Meet is a one-day Spring gathering of researchers for rapid and informal communication of ongoing research activities  in computational and applied mathematics in the Northwest region. It is intended to complement the PNWNAS, which is held  in Fall, and features longer lectures by fewer invited speakers.

Format: The RAIN Meet starts at 10:00am on the conference day with a call for speakers. The respondents, in random order, make up the program. The talk length is determined by the total available time divided by the number of speakers.  Aspiring speakers must be present at 10:00am and must be prepared to give randomly placed and shrinkable  talks. The talks start at 10:15am with a randomly selected first speaker.

This format  is similar to the Finite Element Circus in the east coat, the Finite Element Rodeo in the south,  and the European Finite Element Fair.  However, reflecting the eclectic tastes of our northwest participants, the RAIN Meet is not limited to finite element topics alone.

Local Organizer(s):   Bala Krishnamoorthy

We look forward to a sunny RAIN Meet in Vancouver, Washington (near the RAINy city of Portland, Oregon:-).

                               (Photo courtesy WSU Vancouver)