Risk Governance Project

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Risk Governance and Strategic Risk Management Articles:

Gonçalves, C.P. (2012) Risk Governance - A Framework for Risk Science-Based Decision Support Systems

Gonçalves, C.P. (2012) Cyber Threats to Global Governance Risk Web

Risk Mathematics Works:

- Gonçalves, C.P. (2010), Contributions to the categorial foundations of risk mathematics, PhD Thesis, http://repositorio.iscte.pt/bitstream/10071/2842/1/TeseCPG.pdf

- Gonçalves, C.P. and Madeira, M.O. (2010), "Chaos, Artificial Life and Risk Mathematics",  http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1659253

- Gonçalves, C.P. (2010), "Chaos in Binary Category Computation", 2010, Gonçalves, C.P., arXiv:1011.4686v1 [math.CT]

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Cyber Threats to Global Governance Risk Web

Morphic Web I - Gravity