Minding Time

Minding Time: A Philosophical and Theoretical Approach to the Psychology of Time

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Minding Time

"In the welter of today's information tsunami, it is statistically likely that this gem of a contribution will go unnoticed. Any such oversight would be a sad mistake. […] It should be compulsory reading for all "time-smiths" but would not be out of place in an essential reading list for all those entering any form of advanced education, most especially those trying to understand the behavior of living systems in all their manifold complexities. Laudatory encomia for texts are all very well but let me simply say this--I am very glad that I read it, and I wish I had written it." - Peter A. Hancock in KronoScope 14 (2014) pp. 109-112.

Review by Carla Merino in Crítica

Review by Peter Hancock in KronoScope

Review by Ulrich Meyer in NDPR

Co-edited volume: Time's Urgency

The Study of Time, Volume 16

"The Study of Time XVI: Time’s Urgency celebrates the 50th anniversary of the International Society for the Study of Time. It includes a keynote speech by renowned physicist Julian Barbour, a dialogue between British author David Mitchell, Katie Paterson and ISST’s previous president Paul Harris. The volume is divided into dialogues and papers that directly address the issue of urgency and time scales from various disciplines."


Time perception and agency

Mathematical cognition: Language and arithmetic

Mathematical cognition: Review of Ian Hacking's book

Time representation and cognition

Conscious awareness and time perception

Varieties of presence: Hierarchical levels

Early and late time perception