Legal Epistemology

Legal Epistemology

Book with Porrúa-Facultad de Derecho UNAM

La Unificación Conceptual de los Derechos Humanos

Review of the book in Cuestiones Constitucionales, by Eduardo de la Parra

This book in Spanish, on the conceptual unity of human rights, argues that the theses that a) there are absolute or inviolable civil rights, and b) that civil and political rights must prevail over conflicts with social, economic, and cultural rights, are based on a false dichotomy between restraining the power of the State and the positive obligations the State has towards its citizens. I want to go back to these themes and present this argument in a clearer and more compelling way. In the meantime, I have been working on some issues in legal epistemology.


Agency and Legal Responsibility: Epistemic and Moral Considerations

Law, Action, and Collective Agency: the Cognitive Integration Approach

International Law and Constitutional Law (in Spanish)

Rationality and Reasonableness in Legal Theory

Response by Guillermo Lariguet to 'Rationality and Reasonableness'

Steps Towards Cognitive Naturalization in Legal Theory (in Spanish)

Moral Innatism and Legal Theory