I received my PhD in Philosophy with a Certificate in Cognitive Science from Rutgers University and joined the faculty at San Francisco State University in the summer of 2009. My research focuses on the intersection between philosophy of mind, epistemology and cognitive science. My book "Minding Time: A Philosophical and Theoretical Approach to the Psychology of Time" offers an account of time perception that takes into consideration the scientific findings on psychological time-keeping mechanisms and simultaneity windows. NDPR Review. Brill Site.

I co-wrote a book, with H. H. Haladjian, on consciousness and attention, with MIT Press: Consciousness, Attention, and Conscious Attention; This is a review of the book in NDPR.

I recently co-authored a book, with Abrol Fairweather, on the nature of epistemic agency, epistemic abilities and attention, with Cambridge University Press. Here is a review for: Knowledge, Dexterity, and Attention.

I also received a JD (Law Degree) from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. My thesis, on human rights, was published by Porrúa, and was reviewed here (in Spanish).

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