Associate Professor at the School of Economics

UNSW Business School

UNSW - Sydney

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Office: 407 BUS Building, UNSW - Sydney

Email: jc.carbajal[at]unsw.edu.au

CV: January 2021


Alex Nichifor (UniMelb) and I started the Australasian Micro Economic Theory Seminars (AMETS) in 2020. These virtual seminars for the region are held every other Wednesday at noon (Sydney/Melbourne time). Moving forward to 2021 and beyond, AMETS' organizing committee includes, in addition, Antonio Rosato (UTS) and Anton Kolotilin (UNSW). More information about AMETS can be found here.

We are also launching the Australian Local Economic Theory Seminars (ALETS), as a venue for theorists working in Australia to present their work and work-in-progress. ALETS meets every other Wednesday at noon (Sydney/Melbourne time), on the weeks AMETS is off. More information about ALETS can be found here.

SEDF 2019

Richard Holden, Carlos Pimienta and I organized the inaugural Sydney Economic Design Festival. Check it out: economicdesignfestival.net. It featured a mini-course on dynamic information design by Jeff Ely (Northwestern), and a series of talks on market, information and mechanism design. Support from the Business School, UNSW and the Australian Research Council is, as always, gratefully acknowledged.

The covid-19 pandemic altered the plans we had to repeat the plate in 2020. Fingers crossed, we shall be able to come back in 2021 with the second edition of SEDF.

Until then, stay safe.