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Rites of Spring

Kickoff the Riding Season with the Rites of Spring XXX


May 5th & 6th, 2018

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The ride will be staged out of the Clear Lake State Park located on M-33, approximately 10 miles north M-32 and the city of Atlanta.

     Clear Lake State Park (click for park information)
     20500 M-33
     Atlanta, MI 49709
     Reservations by Phone:  1-800-44-PARKS (1-800-447-2757)
     Reservations Online:
     Campground Office (for park info only):  1-989-785-4388

Click Here for a Google map of the Clear Lake State Park and staging area.


Atlanta Trail (North map) & Atlanta Trail (South map)

  - 80 mile ORV trail with cutoff options
  - 30 mile ATV loop
  - 4 mile kids' loop
  - Gas truck available on trail

Dual Sport Route  - Laid-out by Ian Greenia

Kids Loop


Camper hook-ups and field camping will be available at the Clear Lake State Park staging area.  Click Here for more details and to make a reservation.


The nearest motels, south of the staging area, are the *A-Win-Sands (989) 785-2337 and the Atlanta Motel (989) 785-4509.


Sign-up and sound check will take place at the staging area.

Saturday:  8:00 a.m. — 11:00 a.m.
Sunday:  9:00 a.m. — 11:00 a.m.


Active Member:  $15 one day / $23 for two days
Family Member:  $10 one day / $13 for two days
Family Weekend:  $35 for two days

*In addition to ride fees above, the “land use monitoring fee” applies @ $2 per rider, with a $5 maximum for families.


All riders under age 16 are required to have a safety training certificate. Rider Safety Training will be provided on-site Saturday morning at 9:00 AM. Please contact the CCC office at 517-416-0126 for more information and class registration.


Plenty of prizes will be awarded to participants during the Saturday prize drawing at the staging area, around 5:30 PM.


All attendees, spectators and participants must sign the CCC Waver Form once on site at the staging area. You must be a current CCC member. Memberships are available at sign-up. Please renew your membership early by mail! Must have current ORV sticker, (available at sign-up). Must have USFS approved spark arrestor and pass 94 db at sound check. We’ll have some dB Snorkels on site for those hard to tune bikes!


The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan's Annual Meeting will be held after the drawing on Saturday, just 4 miles north of the staging area:

    El Bo Inn
    24300 M-33
    Atlanta, MI 49709

Lewis Shuler at 517-416-0126 for more information about the annual meeting.


            Click Here for event information from the Cycle Conservation Club.

For more details about the Rites of Spring, please contact...

          Joe Ferry  (Trail Tour Chair)

             Phone:  517-202-2146


        Ian Greenia  (Dual Sport Contact)

             Phone:  734-693-0265


The Rites of Spring Trail Tour is the official kick-off to the riding season.  Don't miss this great annual tradition!

*** NOTICE from the Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan ***

Statement of responsibility The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan

You have voluntarily entered a The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan (CCC) event. A CCC sanction indicates that this event is listed in the CCC’s official calendar. It does not indicate that the trail/routes has been inspected or approved by the CCC, nor does it indicate that the officials have been trained or accredited by the CCC, nor does it indicate that your safety has been assured by the CCC or by a CCC Chapter.

Motorsports are inherently dangerous. You should take part in this event based on your own assessment of your abilities.

By participating in the event, you assume all risks for any injuries or damages that you sustain from such participation. If you have not personally inspected the trail/route, we urge you to do so. You are responsible for the quality and condition of your motorcycle and protective apparel.

The organizer does not provide medical insurance coverage. We urge you not to compete in motorsports without adequate personal medical insurance coverage.

If you have any doubts at this time about your personal abilities to participate in this event, if you have not adequately prepared yourself and your equipment, or if you believe your personal insurance coverages are not adequate to compensate you for any loss that might occur, we urge you to notify the organizer who will immediately refund your entry fee.

SPECTATORS witnessing these events thereby assume all risks for any injuries or damages resulting there from.

CCC Membership Information

CCC MEMBERSHIP runs from 4/1-3/31 of each year

Single $39.00; $52.00 Canadian memberships

Family $46.00; $59.00 Canadian memberships

Includes husband or wife and children while a full time student, those under 16 must have completed an approved Safety Training Course to participate in CCC events

Lifetime $15.00 with 25 years continuous Active CCC Membership

Trail Tour Sign Up

Active $15.00 one day; $23.00 two day

Family Members

Add $10.00 one day, $13.00 two day each or $35.00 Family Weekend

Land Use and Monitoring Fee to help cover cost of permit fees

$2.00 each one or two days; $5.00 Family max.

Michigan ORV Stickers: $26.25 ORV License plus $10 ORV Trail Permit required at all CCC events to utilize public trails

Everyone at a CCC Trail Tour MUST sign CCC waiver and should be a CCC member

All USD funds

NOTE: the CCC will only be signing up ATV’s less Than 50” at CCC Trail Tours An Operator of and ATV must be at least 12 years of age.

Michigan DNR Definition of ATV

"ATV" means a 3-, 4-, or 6-wheeled vehicle designed for off-road use that has low-pressure tires, has a seat designed to be straddled by the rider, and is powered by a 50cc to 1,000cc gasoline engine or an engine of comparable size using other fuels.