Competition Rules



  1. Groups compete for judges who will give them a score translated to a ranking.
  2. Each group will have RHS “hosts” who can answer any questions and help with anything you need.
  3. Directors should have in mind two students that will represent the group if they are called forward for an award.
  4. All students must be eligible.
  5. Public Tickets - $10 for students and adults (this includes parents, chaperones).
  6. Click on the Registration Link and Payment Link to enroll your choirs before December 13th, 2019. Late registration will be accepted until February 14, 2019 with an additional $25 late registration fee.
  7. No food or drink is permitted in the RHS Auditorium with the exception of water bottles with lids.

Performance Guidelines

  1. All choirs will have 25 minutes to enter, set up, perform and clear the stage. Timing begins when the first person enters the stage and ends when the last person clears. Timing will stop for the introduction of your group. The penalty for exceeding the time limit will be a one-point deduction for every 30 seconds over the time allotment for your group.
  2. Groups must perform at least 3 pieces that cover at least 10 minutes of your performance slot.
  3. Groups will enter from stage left and exit stage right.
  4. No atmospheric effects i.e. smoke machines, hazers etc… No glitter, powder, confetti or similar product may be thrown on stage. Pyrotechnics and other open flames are forbidden.
  5. No special effects lighting will be permitted.

Music Guidelines

  1. Choirs do not need to bring sheet music for the judges, feel free to interpret your music creatively.
  2. All choirs may sing a cappella, with accompaniment tracks or live band. All groups are eligible for awards.
  3. Directors are responsible for securing all copyright permission for music they are performing.

Accompaniment Track Guidelines:

  1. All songs must be in an MP3 format and labeled with the school and choir name example: RouseIntoneNation.mp3.
  2. If you are performing more than one song you must combine them onto one track, (include time for transitions if necessary). Audacity is a useful tool for combining tracks together (and a free download). Contact Julie Rhodes if you need assistance:
  3. Upload all MP3's to the following drive:
  4. Directors who use tracks must be must have a representative in the sound booth during the performance(s) to ensure tracks are played at the appropriate time.

Stage Set Up Guidelines

  1. Each group is required to do their own stage set up and take down.
  2. A digital piano, a grand piano, music stands and chairs are available if needed. Please indicate your needs on your registration form.
  3. There will be 5 handheld wireless mics on stands for all soloists. You may use these in any manner you choose. At the end of your performance, all mics need to be returned to their respective stands. These mics will be live at all times and will not need to be turned on by the performers.
  4. Groups will be provided a 20 minute warm-up time prior to the performance. Warm-up will take place in the choir room. There are no microphones in the warm-up room. There will be a piano and an audio system available through the google drive with your MP3, if needed. A piano, music stands, and chairs will also be available in the warm up room. There will be a monitor available to help with sound and any other needs you may have.
  5. We will be utilizing a set stage for all groups. We will supply 16 Wenger 4’ x 8’ Versalite platforms for your use. There will be 4 on the floor, 4 @ 8”, 4 @ 16”, 4 @ 24" and 4 @ 32". There will be a minimum of 6’ in space in front of the platforms.

6 Feet of Floor Space

Platform Heights

Awards Guidelines

1. Written evaluations are given for prelims only.

2. The judging for finals is ranking only.

3. At the end of prelims, those advancing will have a brief meeting to choose finals performance order. The ensemble with the highest ranking going into finals chooses their time first, then the second place, etc. The other directors not advancing to finals may pick up their packets as well at this time.