Patter Page (Square Dance Patter)

This page lists square dance patter I like, some of which I have made up

Swing Patter:

Give him oxygen
Now and then
Swing him 'round
'Til he's all give in

Whiskey in the morning
Beer's alright
Swing your honey
Swing all night

Swing that bird
Swing that bee
Swing him 'till, he can't see

Swing him fast
Swing him slow
Swing him 'round, and 'round you go.

Meet your partner
Give her a whirl
Swing that boy
Swing that girl

Swing him then

Swing him now

Swing him fast

And make him howl

Swing that girl

Swing that boy

Swing him round like a dervish toy

Swing him fast

Swing him slow

Swing around, and round round you go

Swing him high

Swing him low

Swing him round

and don't be slow

Walk like a duck

Fly like an Owl

Swing that boy

And make him howl

The following is Not Original:

Swing your partner, 'round and 'round
'Til the hole in his head, makes a whistling sound

Swing your gals, with all your might
Swing 'em all day, and swing 'em all night.

Swing 'em high, then swing 'em low,
Turn 'em loose, and watch 'em go.

Swing your honey round and round,
any old way but upside down.

Swing your honey, go 'round and 'round
Lift her feet right off the ground.

You talk to me, and I'll talk to you,
You swing me and I'll swing you.

Your right foot up and left foot down
Hurry up there, or you won't get around.

Swing and whirl, that's what your do

Say goodbye, we're done, we're through

When you meet your partner, [alternate: When you get home]

Swing and Whirl

Swing that Boy, Swing that Girl

All jump up, and never come down

Swing that pretty little girl around.

Big foot up, little foot down

Grab your honey, and swing him round

Hull those peas, and hull them right

Swing your honey if it takes all night

Lift your feet and set them down

Swing your honey go round and round

Promenade Patter

Promenade here

Promenade there

Promenade round that big old square

Promenade around, boy and girl

When you get home, swing and whirl

Promenade up

Promenade down

Promenade round till' your home is found

Left to your corner

Back you go

With your partner,


Wax that can

Make it shine

Promenade home

All in a line

Promenade round, 2 by 2
Promenade now, that's what you do.

Promenade high
Promenade low
Promenade round and round you go

Promenade now, romp and roam
Promenade South, til' you get home

Ace of Diamonds, Jack of Spades
Meet your partner and promenade

Allemande Left with the corner maid
Meet your own and promenade

Comb your hair, tie your shoe
Promenade home like you always do

Dog in the corner, gnawin' on a bone
Meet your partner and promenade home

Meet your honey and promenade eight
Promenade eight til you get straight

Meet your own with a great big smile
Promenade around, about a mile

Right and Left Grand:

Left to your corner with the old left hand

Right to your partner, right and left grand

Hand over hand, heel and toe

When you meet your partner, Dos-Si-Dos

Rights and lefts, around the ring

Til' the roosters crow, and the birdies sing

Hand over hand

Heel and toe

Meet your partner, and dos-si-dos

Hand over hand, heel over heel

The faster you go, the better you feel


All join hands, and circle south

Get a little moonshine in your mouth

All join hands, and circle wide

Spread right out like an old cow hide

Bow to your partner, corner salute

Circle left, go lickety-scoot

First you whistle, then you sing

All join hands and make a ring


Bow to your partner and corner miss

To your opposite,  blow a kiss

Honor your partner, and your corner too

Wave at the one across from you

Hurry up girls,  don't be slow

Kiss the caller before you go

I got a wife, and she's a daisey

She won't work, and I'm too lazy

I got a wife who's lean and tall

Sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall