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See the Month-Specific Campout Page for information and permission slip. 
  NOTE: All permission slips must be turned in a month in advance.  Since we will be camping by patrols it is imperative that we give the Scouts enough time to plan and adjust for meals and activities. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!


The Troop 77 Boy Scout Camp Squanto Summer camp flyer is at the bottom of this page.


Camp Squanto Week 4 2013 highlights

   This week at Camp Squanto was very eventful week. To start off, our Troop got 2nd place in the Apache Relay! The Apache Relay is a camp wide race filled with a variety of different events. Those events include running, swimming, fire building, and other activities. One very important event is the canoe portion across the lake. Many people say “The canoe race determines how high you will place.” To get a good rank, we chose the best people for that event. But besides our success at the Apache Relay, our troop earned a ton of Merit Badges! The vast majority of merit badges we earned seemed to have to do with nature or took place at the waterfront.

 A much acclaimed achievement to earn is BSA guard. That course teaches you how to be a lifeguard according to BSA standards. To make it even more special one member of Troop 77 got BSA guard. The scout who got it is Caleb Morrison. To get the award, you have to be at the waterfront all day either rowing or swimming. At dinner, Caleb usually appeared to have red eyes because you couldn’t use goggles, being very tired, and calluses on his hands from rowing.

 A lot of the merit badges our troop took seemed to be in the Nature Center or at the Waterfront. Some popular ones at the Waterfront were Snorkeling, Fishing, or Kayaking. The members of our troop who took part in the snorkeling merit badge where Michael Salvatori, Andrew Salvatori, and Kyle Morrison. I talked to Kyle about it on Friday and he said “I couldn’t get the bowling ball from the bottom because it was so muddy it created suction.” Some popular ones in the Nature Center were Forestry, Nature, Animal Science, and Fish and Wildlife. Fish and Wildlife is a great badge you can take. I f you get the Environmental Science and Fish and Wildlife merit badges you get the World Conservation Badge.

 Another hefty achievement you can get is the Order of the Arrow. The Order of the Arrow is as some people say “Scouting’s Honor Society.” To be put on the ballot, you need to be 1st Class rank or Higher. This year, 6 scout’s names were on the ballot. To get in the OA the other members of the troop vote you in. The scouts this year names were Jon Nunes, Theo Bollenbach, Kyle Morrison, Caleb Morrison, Matthew Larsen, and Joshua Lopes. If you get voted in, you have to go to an ordeal in August or September to show you are worthy to be in the order. Let’s hope they all prosper at the ordeal weekends!  

A final achievement for Troop 77 was rank advancement. Rank Advancement is when you do certain tasks to prove to the person who is helping you rank up to get closer to Eagle. The Scouts that achieved the Star Scout Rank this week were Christian Lopes and Courtland Priest. The order of ranks is Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star Scout, Life Scout, and then Eagle. So, those scouts are really working hard! Overall, this week was great for Troop 77.


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