Pickleball!! It is the fastest growing racket sport in America - inviting players of all ages and skill levels to join in the fun. Come out and play! You don't need to have equipment or know how to play the game. We will loan you equipment and teach you! Pickleball is not only a game in which you are active but also a very social and fun sport. Bring a chair, some water, spectate or play. When you aren't playing you can help gather balls, referee, or just sit and talk with your new friends. So don't be shy, come on over and bring a friend!!
~ Peg Davison Pickleball Ambassador, Canon City Region


Location & Hours
The Canon City Pickleball players meet every day at southwest corner Rouse Park (see first map below - take Dewey Street to access the parking lot) when the weather is nice. When we have rain, snow or cold conditions we meet at the Holy Cross Abbey's gymnasium (see map below). When we meet inside we pay a daily fee of $2.50/ person. Send an email to Peg Davison so that you can get updated information on any changes to the location or time of play.

Our club has three skill divisions:
  • Competitive 
  • Intermediate 
  • Recreation

Competitive players play competitive players on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday & Sunday

Intermediate players play competitive players on Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

Intermediate players play intermediate and recreation players on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday & Sunday

Recreation players play intermediate players on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday & Sunday

All recreation players play each other every day of the week.

Wondering which group you fall into? Scroll down to see the definition of a competitive, intermediate, and recreation player. Also, you can assess your skill level by using these USAPA recommended Skill Assessment rating sheets.
If you are still unsure which level of play you are at, please talk to Peg Davison - our ambassador 719-429-0269

Summertime hours (April 16th - October 14th) (1O AM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)
8:30 am @ the southwest corner of Rouse Park (see first map below) unless you hear otherwise. Call or email Peg Davsion to sign up to receive email alerts as to where pickleball is being played that day. 719-429-0269 or pegdavison3@gmail.com

During inclement weather we will meet at the Abbey Fieldhouse (gymnasium - see second map below) competitive players play on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday from 8:30 am - 10:30 am. Intermediate players play competitive players on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 am - 10:30 am. Intermediate & Recreation players play from 10:30 - 1 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.

Wintertime Hours (October 15th - April 15th)

We play at 1 pm @ southwest corner of Rouse Park  ( see first map below). 

During inclement weather, we meet at the Abbey Fieldhouse/gymnasium (see second map below) from 9:00 am - 11:30 am. We share three courts. The fee is $2.50 per person. Call or email Peg Davison to receive email alerts on inside or outside play.  719-429-0269 or pegdavison3@gmail.com


  Recreation player: (beginners to a <3.0 rating

  • Players who wish to learn the game or develop their skills.

  • Players who prefer less aggressive, slower paced, more leisurely play.

  • Players at this session should expect partners and opponents to play within these parameters

  Intermediate player (3.0 - 3.5 rating)
  • Players who wish to advance to the competitive group, but they need to improve their pickleball skills in the following ways:
    • Attempt the 3rd shot drop
    • Play the soft dink game
    • Know how to execute the 2nd shot

Competitive player: (3.5 rating and above)

  • Players who are completely familiar with the game.

  • Players who enjoy both strategic slower pace, as well as aggressive fast, paced play.

  • Players at this session should expect their partners and opponents to play every shot for the win, as though it is tournament play.

Free Lessons!

If you are interested in taking up the game of pickleball we have wonderful instructors who will volunteer their time to teach you the game of pickleball. Just call and they'll set up a private or group lesson. Here are their names and contact information:

Peg Davision (pegdavison3@gmail.com) or 719-429-0269
Marty Kuiken 431-3481
Sherrill Kuiken 334-5567

Pickleball courts

 The courts are in the SOUTHWEST corner of Rouse Park. Take Dewey Street to access courts. You may have to zoom in to see Dewey Street.

Untitled Location

The Fieldhouse (gymnasium) is the western most rectangular box on the map. Turn into the Abbey and veer left. Go over the speed bump and the high ceiling building will be on your right.