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Anyone is welcome to hire the Pavilion for their private functions, subject to our terms and conditions, below.

Bookings can be made by emailing See below for dates and times and terms and conditions

Please note:

  • Provisional bookings will be held for two weeks after first request. After which the booking times could be given to someone else.
  • The Multi use sports area is not run by the Pavilion and is NOT part of the booking


There are no cooking facilities at the pavilion but there is a microwave, hotplate and kettle.

If you need catering (food, drinks, gelato, cakes) for your party. Canbury Secret Café (our neighbour in Canbury Gardens) is available.

Contact Filippo Selini on 07929 371 500, email:,

Hiring Rates: £30 / hour


Monday-Thursday 9am-10.30pm (No private functions)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays 9am-7:30pm

Please ask about rates for Commercial / Charity bookings.

Your data:

  • We hold your email address solely for the purposes of arranging your event. We will never email you about anything else.

The Pavilion Terms and Conditions of Hire

Click for a .pdf version of the Terms and Conditions

The pavilion is operated on a purely voluntary basis by Canbury Community Trust, a charity set up by local residents for the benefit of the community. It is necessary to charge for use in order to cover running costs (rental, insurance and electricity amounts to approx. £3,200 pa). The surplus is used to maintain and improve the facilities and for other charitable purposes.

Users are therefore asked to ensure that their guests/clients/children do not abuse the facility. We also have to ask you to clean up rather more thoroughly than you would normally expect. This includes the toilet facilities.

All rubbish bags are to be taken home at the end of each booking and disposed of properly as a condition of booking.

1. Applications

All applications for hire must be approved by the Trustees who reserve the right to refuse any application without stating the reason for doing so and reserve the right to impose special conditions should these be required. The Trustees will have the power at any time and without previous notice to cancel any letting.

2. Venue

No postings of signs or advertising posters will be allowed at or in the vicinity of the Pavilion without the written approval of the Trustees.

3. Charges

  1. Charges for the use of the pavilion shall be as indicated by the Trustees who reserve the right to alter, add to, omit or vary the said charge.
  2. An additional fee is payable by the Hirer for each hour or part of an hour that the Pavilion facilities are retained by the Hirer from the expiry of the contractual period until the Hirer has returned control thereof to the Trustee’s representative ready for use by a subsequent Hirer. The additional fee is calculated pro rata to the total fees paid and shall be payable to the Trust on demand.

The non-commercial rate will apply to organisations in the following categories:

  • Non-profit making educational organisations
  • Non profit making local clubs and societies
  • We invite local charities to contact us to evaluate special agreements.

4. Payment

The Hirer must complete, sign and return the booking agreement form together with a bank transfer for the entire contract amount to the Canbury Community Trust in advance of the event. The hirer will be responsible for ensuring that the Pavilion is left in a clean, neat and tidy condition after use and that all rubbish (including toilets and kitchen bins) is removed and taken home, spillages mopped up and the area properly washed.

5. Cancellation

In the case of cancellation less than two weeks prior to the event the Hirer will not be entitled to any refund. A full refund will be made if the event is cancelled more than two weeks prior to the event.

6. Admission

The Trust reserves the right at its absolute discretion to refuse the admission or to evict any person from the facility. The Trust reserves the right of entry to any of its officials at all times to the Pavilion.

7. Users Regulations

The Hirer is responsible for the control of all persons and parties who are admitted to the Pavilion and that they conform in all respects to the regulations governing the use of the Pavilion. The Hirer should also ensure that noise is maintained at a reasonable level of less than 90 decibels (noise level of a lawn mower) - so as not to cause disturbance and nuisance to residents in the vicinity, particularly during hot weather when windows and doors may be open.

8. Indemnity

a) The use of the Pavilion is at the Hirer’s risk and the Hirer shall indemnify the Trust against any liability incurred towards any third party or parties arising out of or incidental to the hire of facilities or equipment and due to negligence or default of the Hirer or person or parties under his control. The Hirer shall, if required by the Trust, adequately insure with an insurance company approved by the Trust, against the foregoing and produce evidence thereof on demand.

b) The Trust, its officers, employers or agents shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage, whether direct indirect or consequential to any property or persons suffered or sustained at the facility unless such loss, injury or damage occurs as a result of the defective state of repair of the premises or the equipment at the facility.

9. Capacity

The maximum number of people admitted to any function in the Pavilion shall be at the absolute discretion of the Trust and shall not exceed 50 persons in the building at any one time.

10. Catering

All catering arrangements must conform to the prevailing arrangements in operation at the time of booking.

11. Structural alterations

The Hirer shall not carry out any alterations to the building, nor fix or cause to be fixed any apparatus, equipment, notice or decoration without the previous written permission of the Trustees.(Blu Tack & White Tack only - NO Sellotape).

12. Animals

No dogs, except hearing and guide dogs for the blind, or any other animals will be admitted to the facility without the previous consent of the Trust.

13. Maintenance of Good order

The Hirer shall at all times be responsible for the maintenance of good order and shall provide efficient stewarding at entrances and exits at all times to deal with an emergency and to ensure that maximum numbers are not exceeded at any time. The entrance gate and front door shall be used for the purpose of entering and leaving the Pavilion and shall be kept clear while the meeting / function etc. is in progress. Furniture / equipment is to be returned to its original position.

14 Damage

The Hirer agrees to pay the Trust on demand the cost of repairing or making good any loss or damage (fair wear and tear excepted) arising out of or accidental to the hiring.

15. Gambling

No collection, games of chance, sweepstakes or lotteries nor any betting may be conducted on the premises.

16. Smoking

Under no circumstances will smoking be allowed – inside or outside in the Pavilion area.

17. Fire precautions

The Hirer’s attention will be drawn to the fire notices / fire extinguishers prior to the event. It is then the Hirer’s responsibility to pass on this information to the attendees. Due to the wooden construction of the building and Fire Brigade requirements, no additional heating equipment is allowed at any time and fireworks of any type (including sparklers) may only be ignited outside the fence perimeter.

Fire extinguishers and heaters must not be covered. Water heater in kitchen must be left on when leaving the premises.