Additions, Amendments and Corrections to the
Catalogue of the Federal Tobacco Stamps of Canada,
First Edition, June 2013

Important Notice:

- Readers are cautioned that the mere absence of a serial number on what would otherwise be a numbered tobacco stamp does not automatically make that stamp a “proof.”  There were many unfinished stamps (unnumbered, with or without perforations or roulettes) released into the philatelic market in years past.  The items marked with the suffix “n” in the catalogue are unfinished stamps with perforations or roulettes; they are not proofs.

     True proofs can be recognised by various other features such as the presence of a die number, the size and type of paper used (e.g., thin India paper or thick card), the mount, and the extreme sharpness of the impression.  (Posted 15 November 2016)

16 September 2019

- Page 10:
Re: RM34a - Remove dagger (†), it has been seen - change “laid” to “wove” paper

- Page 34:
Delete the second introductory Note.
Replace the fourth introductory Note (erroneously numbered “3”) with “Differences in lengths have been attributed in part to the use of hand versus machine presses.”

Add comment - RP446 known trimmed to imperforate by packaging process
Correction - RP449 is 253 mm long

Re: Black 1/5-pound
- For RP556n and RP558 the solid area surrounding the “1/5 LB” resembles a checkerboard.
- RP557 has fine horizontal lines surrounding the “1/5 LB”
- The litho-print RP560L has an irregular pattern in the solid area surrounding the “1/5 LB” with the paper fibres visible

Re: Black 1/4-pound
- The listing for the Series 1883 black 1/4-pound strip stamps has been completely re-written.
- The varieties of the black 1/4-pound can be identified in part by the shading used to fill in the solid area framing the numeral “1” at the right end of the stamp.  The lengths of the stamps ignore the outer ornaments as these are frequently weak.

New Descriptions for RP562 to RP564 follow:

- Amend as follows with regards to the shading around the “1/4” at right end:
      RP562 - 1/4 lb, Perf-12, Montreal imprint, shading is checkerboard (approx. 292 mm long)
      RP562a - horizontal lines (291 mm)
      RP562b - diagonal lines (289 mm)
      RP562cn - checkerboard (286 mm)
      RP563 - Roulette, Montreal imprint, horizontal lines
      RP564 - Perf-12, no imprint, horz lines to left of “1”, diagonal to right
(RP562b and RP562cn are new listings.)

Re: Black 1/2-pound
- Amend as follows with regards to the shading around the “1/2” at right end:
      RP567n - checkerboard
      RP568 - daubed
RP569 - checkerboard
      RP569a - daubed
(RP569a is a new listing.)

Re: Green 1/5-pound - RP584, 585, 586
- The shading in the right “1/5 LB” panel on the steel-print stamps is checkerboard
- Page 35:
Re: Green 1/4-pound
- Amend as follows with regards to the shading around the “1/4” at right end:
      RP589 - checkerboard
      RP589a - diagonal lines
      RP590 - horizontal lines
      RP591 - horizontal lines
(RP589a is a new listing.)

Re: Blue 1/8-pound
- Amend as follows with regards to the shading around the “1” at right end:
      RP613n - checkerboard
      RP614 - horizontal lines
      RP614a - checkerboard
      RP615L - Litho-print
(RP614a is a new listing.)

Re: Blue 1/5-pound
- RP620 is checkerboard

Re: Blue 1/4-pound
- Amend as follows with regards to the shading around the “1” at right end:
      RP621 - checkerboard
      RP622 - horz and diagonal lines

- Page 37:
Green Series 1897 Strip Stamps
RP699 - 1/9 lb - has been found with an albino impression of the serial number (two copies); the albino impression is unusually heavy, and the indentations made by numerals are visible on both the fronts and backs of the two stamps observed.  A catalogue number will not be assigned to this variety.

- Page 38:
Series 1915 Strip Stamps
Add New Item - RP789a - double roulette along one edge, producing deep, flat-bottom indentations resembling perf-8

- Page 39:
Paste-up Stamps - Starting with Series “A”, paste-ups of strip-stamps (RP) can be found with cancellations of Imperial Tobacco (6-10D and 1-23D).  It is conjectured that Imperial was forming sheets of stamps into rolls for use in its stamping machines.
     The contracts with the stamp printers (BABN and CBN) specified only sheet-formats for tobacco stamps.  However, the following statement was appended to the specifications given in the 1935 and 1950 contracts with BABN :

“Note: The [Revenue] Department may at any time require stamps for Cut Tobacco and Cigarettes to be printed on continuous strips, without splicing or joining [i.e., paste-ups] and to be delivered in rolls.”

     It is not known if such rolls were ever produced.  Due to the means by which these paste-up stamps appear to have been created privately by Imperial Tobacco, they will not be listed as varieties.

- Page 45:
New Descriptions of RP1121a & b
- RP1121a - Corrected overprint; 2¢ erased and 1¢ added in same font
- RP1121b - as “a”, but extra 1¢ at right on “ONE”

Delete RP1129a - 4 mm 2¢ on 1/12 lb - misidentification

Note - RP1138 and RP1138a normally cut from sheet during mechanical stamping.  However, a row of fine roulettes still visible in paper.

- Page 47:
Remove dagger from RP1232 as it is illustrated, but not listed, in the Brandom catalogue.
(The dagger was added in error by the Note of 28 July 2014.)

Note - RP1242 appears to be clipped LWE

- Page 51:
Delete RP1435 and RP1436 as added by post of 28 July 2014.  Error in identification; confused with RP1425 and RP1428

- Page 53:
Note - RP1667 appears to be a clipped LWE.  So remove dagger from RP1668 and delete RP1667.  Add comment that LWE usually clipped.

- Page 57:
Re: Series 1948 and 1971 Strip Stamps.
Put dagger (†) on RP1899, RP1912, and RP1930.
The rouletted versions of RP1894 to RP1934 measure at least 1.8 cm high.  Trimming by tobacco manufacturers during packaging produced shorter stamps that are not true imperforates.

- Page 59:
RQ65 and RQ101 - 12 oz on 16/21 lb date from 1971

- Page 61:
Change colour description to “Red-Violet”

- Page 77:
Put dagger (†) on RC39a - Montreal Division, NMT 1/20 lb, unwmk

- Page 78:
Put dagger (†) on RC146 - black 50 cigarettes, perf-12

The blue stamps of Series 1897 exist in a number of shades: dull and deep blue.  They can also be found with pseudo-coloured paper.

- Page 80:
Delete RC278 - 9 cigarettes - coarse double roulette by coarse roulette

- Pages 80 and 82:
Add ‡ to the following stamps with Roulettes, Double Roulettes (resembling perf-10) and Sawtooth Roulettes (percé en scie): RC276, 277, 293, 294, 294A, 324, 327, 328 and 374.

‡ A study of these stamps indicates that these roulettes were added privately by the Macdonald Tobacco Company of Montréal to imperforate stamps.  This may or may not have been sanctioned by Excise officers.  Their apparently private origin is hereby noted.
(Note: RC318, 320 and 330 have regular CBN roulettes.)

- Page 87:
Variable inking makes Tucketts 1942 Types 2 and 3 nearly identical.  Thus, they have been merged as Type 2-3.  In the new system, the suffix “x” represents extended “E x c i s E”, the suffix “y” represents extended “T A X”, and “z” being both.

- Change RC580x to RC588z - 3 mm 2¢, extended “E x c i s E” and “T A X”
- Change RC583x to RC591z - 3 mm 4¢, extended “E x c i s E” and “T A X”
- Change RC583a to RC591y - 3 mm 4¢, extended “T A X”
- Change RC583b to RC591by - 4 mm 4¢, extended “T A X”
- Change RC589dx to RC589dz - 5 mm 2c, extended “E x c i s E” and “T a x”
(Note: RC589dx was added by Post of 6 February 2018)

In addition:- Change RC607a to RC607 -- 3 mm “4”

NOTE: The “2”s on RC605d and RC613 are atypically narrow -- only 3 mm, versus the usual 5 mm

- Page 91:
NOTE:  RC799 -- the imperf version of RC800 -- has been removed due to suspicions that observed examples are margin copies that have been trimmed of their perfs.

18 November 2018

- Page 15:
RM245 and RM246 are on unwatermarked wove paper.

- Page 16:
Add New Item: RM260 and 260a - Short Laurels, 4 mm serial number, stamp only and stamp with up to ten ½-pound coupons.

- Page 17:
Remove dagger from RM294.

- Page 18:
Note:- An error was made in the numbering in that RM329 was followed by RM340, 341, 342, et cetera. It should have been RM330, 331, 332, et cetera, but what’s done is done, and it will be left as it is.

- Page 19:
Upon careful examination and consideration, it has been decided that the current RM377 preceded RM376 chronologically, and that it should be “Die I” instead of RM376. In addition, the serial number on RM377 shows traces of violet.

To remedy the matter, the present RM377 will be renumbered as
RM375 - Die I - circular “cancel here” at right, violet serial number
while RM376 remains, but now designated as “Die II” - linear “cancel here” at right

- Page 20:
Re: RM422 - Change “magenta” to “red-violet”

- Page 21:
Add RM468a - “EX” in “EXCISE” shifted up, out of alignment with the rest of the lettering.

- Page 23:
Add New Item: RN57a – The thick horz bars are replaced by four thin lines, with additional diagonal lines (sloping down to right) in between the second and third lines in the stack. All of the lines appear to have produced from a hand-drawn stencil.

- Page 25:
Add New Item: RN115a - 3½ mm 2¢ on 2/23 lb
Remove redundant “Perf-11” from description of RN127 and 129.

- Page 26:
Add New Item: RN176c - Chalky grey-blue 4¢ overprint on 2/23 lb.
Add New Item: RN178a - Blue “4” is shifted right such that the combined ovpt reads as “24”

- Page 27:
Add New Item: RN201A - 7½ mm 4c on 2 on 2/19 lb.

Note: The 7½ mm figures in RN199A and 201A have a 2 mm tall “foot”, while the regular 6½ mm figures have a 1 mm “foot”. In addition, the serifs on the 7½ mm figures are less pronounced or absent.

Note: The overprinting on RN234, 236 and 238 was poorly done. Over-inking and under-inking are normal. Crisp examples are the exception. A common feature is the bottom ends of the digits in “17” being weak or even absent. This can occur even in instances were the rest of the “2/17” is heavily over-inked.

- Page 28:
Remove “P309” from the description of RP11.
- RP53, Morrow, is perf-12
- RP54, Stratton, is rouletted

- Page 29:
Add New Item: RP69u - Windsor Division, 1/20-lb inscribed “Semi Monthly” in place of standard “S.M.”, block wmk, no serial, imperf
(This item was omitted in error from the catalogue.)
Put dagger (†) on RP131 - Québec Division, 1/4-pound with serial number

- Page 30:
Delete RP160a - Vertical scratch through “lb.”
(Given the poor quality printing of the Series 1880 and 1881 strip-stamps, it has been decided that the multitude of blobs, specks and scratches do not merit listings as “varieties”.)

- Page 31:
RP227u - London Division, signature of W.J. Gerald, 1/2 lb, block watermark, imperf, no serial number.
(According to BABN records, this stamp was issued, but only unfinished remainders are known to this writer.)
Add New Item: RP244a - Unwatermarked
Correction: In comment made below RP287 change “in blue” to “in violet”.

- Page 32:
Put dagger on RP335a - 1/16 lb, roulette, unwmk
Note - RP336a is perf-12
Note - RP387n exists as imperf between pairs (perf / imperf / perf)
Change RP392n to RP392u - no serial number, imperforate.

- Page 85:
Add New Item: RC507 - 2¢ on 8 Cigarettes.
Note: RC507 was listed, but not priced, in a December 1944 addendum to Canadian Revenue Society Publication № 11, Cigarette Stamps, of January 1943. The stamp was not included in the subsequent Publication № 25, Catalogue of the Tax Paid Stamps of Canada, and of Similar Items.
Remove the dagger (†) from RC538 - 5¢ on 22 Cigarettes, perf-11, reading down. It has been seen.

- Page 87:
Add New Item: RC593dx - 5 mm 5¢ on 25 Cigarettes, extended “E x c i s E”

- Page 88:
Remove the dagger (†) from RC689 - 4c on 2c on 7 Cigarettes. It has been seen.

25 June 2018

- Three new items have been posted on the Published Article page. 

30 May 2018

- Page 15:
A lithographed version of RM225 has been unearthed thanks to John Harper.
It should have its own unique number, but RM224 and RM226 are assigned.
So the new item will be RM225L.  Chronologically, the new item falls in between the existing recess-printed RM224 and RM225.

19 April 2018

- Page 24:
Change description of RN69a to - Partial tripling of “2¢” (kiss-prints)

- Page 25:
Put dagger (†) on RN118a

- Page 32:
Add New Item: RP300 - Québec Division, Red 1/10-lb, Code “N34”, Perforated at top, Rouletted at bottom.
Re: RP333 and RP358 - Change “1/20 lb” to “Not More Than 1/20 lb”

- Page 81:
RC351a - Second overprint is a kiss-print.

11 February 2018

- Page 34:
An examination of a group of black 1/9-pound Series 1883 strip-stamps has lead to the conclusion that the imperf variety listed as RP447 was the product of trimming during packaging.  Delete RP447 and renumber RP447a as RP446b - 255x15 mm, “Kiss Print” of centre section “Canada / One Tenth Pound / Tobacco.”

- Pages 34-35, 69-70 - Comment on Series 1883 Tobacco and Cigar Strip-Stamps:

Litho-prints and steel-prints (recess, intaglio) can be identified in Series 1883 cigar and tobacco strip-stamps by a careful examination of large coloured areas.  This requires a 10X magnifier and a very bright light (e.g., a high intensity LED flashlight) at a right angle to the direction of viewing.

In general, the layer of lithographic ink will be very thin.  As a result, the texture of the underlying paper produces an irregular appearance in the ink through which specks and thin, stringy patches of the paper are visible.  In addition, fibres in the paper are usually visible in the dried ink, like hairs in dried paint.

It appears that in the original steel dies the large coloured areas were frequently produced by the cutting in the metal of a series of closely spaced lines or dimples.  These lines or dimples are visible in the thick, raised ink produced by steel-plate, recess printing.

Other characteristics can also assist in the identification.  These include the following:
  • The 1/20, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/5, 1/4, 1/2 and 1-pound tobacco stamps have tiny ornaments at the very ends of the designs.  These ornaments are usually very weak or absent on steel-prints, but not always.  Examples are illustrated on page 34 of the catalogue.
  • The overall definition of the image.  Steel-prints are clearer and sharper than litho-prints.
  • The overall texture of the inked impression.  Steel-prints can feel rough, while litho-prints are smooth.

6 February 2018

- Page 27:
The following should be reinstated in the Catalogue.  For reasons that are unclear, they were deleted in error by a post of 19 July 2015 for which I apologise.
RN260 - Blue 1/9 lb, imperf
RN286 - Black 1/10 lb, imperf
RN288 - Black 2/19 lb, imperf

- Page 32:
Add dagger to RP319a.

- Page 40:
ADD RP918An - 1/7 pound, imperf, LWE, no serial #
ADD RP915n - 2/15 lb, imperf, LWE, no serial #
Delete dagger on RP924.  It has been seen.

Note: RP918An was used in late 1939 to produce the serially numbered RP1013 - 1/6 lb on 1/7 lb. 
In addition, RP919 - 1/7 lb, 155 mm long, imperf - does not appear to be a clipped LWE.  It has been recorded by John Harper with dated cancels from January 1936 through March 1940.  As such it remains unchanged in the listing.

- Page 77:
Change “NOTE” for Series 1886 cigarette stamps: “Unless otherwise noted, stamps in Series 1886 are Recess-prints, Perf-12 on unwatermarked wove paper.”

- Page 78:
Delete RC130 - Imperf Black 6 Cigarettes.  Known examples appear to be trimmed stamps.

- Page 79:
Remove “S” added to RC194 by post of 13 July 2014.  The regular stamp has been seen.
Remove dagger (†) from RC206 and 208.  They should have only the “S” added by the post of 19 July 2015.

- Page 82:
A second copy of RC370 - 3 Cigarettes, Series ‘C’ - has been discovered.

- Page 87:
Add New Item: RC589dx - Like RC589d as given in Post of 19 October 2017, but with extended “E x c i s E”
Note: RC587b - "4" figure is 4 mm wide - RC587d - "4" figure is 4½ mm wide
Delete RC591d - Item seen by me is a poorly inked 6 mm figure

Re: RC604V and RC604d - Change “surcharge” to “overprint”.
Comment on RC604V in the possession of this writer: - The initial overprint was that of RC612, but it was misplaced downward such that the “2¢ / EXCISE” is at the very bottom of the stamps with the “TAX” falling on the stamp below.  Thus, the “TAX” of RC612 appears at the top edge of the stamp.

Re: RC615 - Change 5 mm to 4 mm

28 October 2017

- Page 82:
Further research dates the introduction of the stamps of types RC411 through RC420 to the mid 1950s.
(See: Canadian Revenue Newsletter, December 2015, № 87, p. 19, and June 2016, № 89, p. 5.)

19 October 2017

- Page 45:
Re: Post of 15 November 2016 - RP1121b - Corrected Tuckett Tobacco ovpt on 1/16 lb; 2¢ erased and 1¢ added in same font

The observed range of serial numbers for RP1121b is 2743277 through 2743367.  However, RP1121a - Extra 1¢ to right, on “ONE” - also has an erased 2¢.  Thus, the observed range for the erased 2¢ is 2743277 through 2746127.

The observed range of serial numbers for the ordinary RP1121 is 2707545 through 2724896.

- Page 87:
Delete RC589c and replace with RC589d - 5 mm 2c on 10 Cigarettes (Tuckett Type 3 overprint)
Add New Item - RC590d - 5 mm 4¢ on 18 Cigarettes (Tuckett Type 3)
Put dagger (†) on RC593x
Add New Item - RC605d - 5 mm 2¢ on 10 Cigarettes (Tuckett Type 5)

18 October 2017

- Page 26:
Add New Item - RN176b - Doubled blue 4¢ Tuckett overprint on red 2c on 2/23 lb.

- Page 92:
Remove dagger (†) from RS14.  It has been seen.

16 October 2017

- Several new items have been posted on the Published Articles page.

15 October 2017

- Page 11:
I have seen a second example of RM64A.  (See Post of 20 July 2015.)

- Page 59:
Remove dagger (†) from RQ104 - 1/2 oz, coarse roulette - it has been seen.

RQ104 has the Roman font of the previous issue rather than the Gothic font normally found in the Series of 1971.  (RQ105 also has the Roman font.)

Re: RQ122a - 8 oz, coarse roulette with “self-adhesive” gum - This item was listed with a dagger (†) since it was listed in the Supplement to the Brandom catalogue, but had not been seen by me.

I have now had the opportunity to examine a used RQ122 stamp from the Brandom era whose gum had been designated as “self-adhesive”.  The sole difference between this item and a comparable stamp with “regular gum” is the gum, which in both instances does not cover the entire back of the stamp.  Since the basic stamps were issued without adhesive and it was the responsibility of the tobacco manufacturer or importer to supply same, it appears to me that what had been labelled in Brandom as “self-adhesive” was simply a different type of gum applied by whomever had affixed the stamp.

Thus, RQ122a should be deleted unless some other item comes to light that can substantiate a true self-adhesive issue emanating from the Revenue Department.  

- Page 77:
Add New Item - RC86 - 1/40 lb, Black, Recess-print.
(Delete parenthetical comment from RC85L)

12 July 2017

- Several new items have been posted on the Published Articles page.

8 February 2017

- Page 32:
Remove dagger (†) from RP336a - 1/16 lb blue, perf-12, unwmk, red serial # - it has been seen.

- Page 81:
Add New Item - RC367 - BABN blue 20¢ on red 10¢ on 50 Cigarettes, Series ‘A’, Strip Stamp, rouletted
(This is Brandom’s C596, which was omitted in error from the current catalogue.)

18 December 2016

An updated list of Licenced Tobacco Manufacturers has been posted on the "Published Articles" page.

15 November 2016

- Page 6:
Add new Watermark design between existing Type 4 and Type 5, to become the new Type 5.
➄ Vertical “crown/EXCISE/beaver/18[68?]”.
Description: 11 x 27.5 cm (estimated)  Full watermark not yet seen, so the “68” is tentative.  The four parts of the impression are parallel to the width of the stamps so that portions of each part fall on one stamp of about 5.5 cm in width.  There appears to be only a few impressions of the watermark on a pane, so many of the stamps show the laid lines of the paper, but not the watermark.  The laid lines run the length of the stamps.  (In the Linear versions (Types 3 & 4) the laid lines run the width of the stamps.)

- Page 10:
Remove daggers from the following items.  They have been seen.
RM20bn, 22bn, 27an, 29an, 31n, 32cn, 38an, 44n

- Page 11:
Delete “Tête-Bêche” from caption at bottom.

- Page 12:
Delete RM68a, and Replace with RM68C - Diagonal wmk laid paper, 4 mm serial #
Add New Item - RM69C - Diagonal wmk laid paper, 4 mm serial #
Add RM84n - 1/4 lb, Browne, no serial #

Remove daggers from the following items.  They have been seen.
RM85n, 92n, 93n, 97n, 106n, 108n, 110n

- Page 13:
Remove dagger from RM112n.  It has been seen.

Re: ‘Red’ Warehouse Stamps - Hamilton Division
     - RM177, RM178, RM180 have “Hamilton” in small Roman letters
     - RM179 has “Hamilton” in large Gothic letters

- Page 15:
Add New Item - RM206 - As per RM208, but horz serial # near Queen’s portrait
Remove dagger (†) from RM229 and correct description to “Oblong Boxes”
Move dagger (†) from RM236n to RM238n

- Page 16:
Add RM262an, RM267dn, RM269an - all with no serial #

- Page 17:
Add RM282an, RM287an - no serial #
Add RM312a - Vertical pair of RM312 and RM312n

- Page 18:
Remove “S” from RM329bnS
Put “S” on RM343a and 345a

- Page 19:
Add RM357n, RM366n - no serial #
Move “S” from RM357dn to 357en
Add “S” to RM377b

Delete RM383 and 383a - 10 lbs Series 1915 with blue serial #

- Page 20:
Put dagger (†) on RM414

- Page 22:
Put dagger (†) on RN7 - items seen are trimmed stamps

- Page 25:
Add New Item - RN117a - double ovpt on 1/11 lb

- Page 26:
Change description above RN162 to “shiny violet-black”.
  (See comment of 19 July 2015 regarding cigarette stamps on page 89.)

- Page 27:
Add New Item - RN199A - 7 1/2 mm 4c. on 2c. on 2/21 lb.
Add RP211a - Rouletted at left side
RN232-238 - Over-inking can cause the pairs of bars to merge and appear as single squares
Remove dagger (†) from RN289.  It has been seen.

- Page 28:
Remove dagger (†) from RP35n
Put dagger (†) on RP54n

- Page 29:
Remove dagger (†) from RP105n
Put dagger (†) on RP145a

- Page 30:
Correction: Change RP201 to RP201a, unwmk

- Page 32:
Remove dagger (†) from RP299a, RP319a.  They have been seen.
RP341 has a red serial #

- Page 33:
Replace RP408an† with RP408n, wmk, no serial # (no dagger)

- Page 34:
Add New Item - RP443L 1/10 lb, Litho-print, Perf-12
Replace RP556 with RP560L - Litho-print, Montreal imprint;  RP556n remains as Recess-print
Change length of RP562an to 286 mm
Delete lengths on RP563 and 564 - incomplete stamps
RP564 is rouletted
Change RP578 to RP578L, Litho-print, Perf-12

- Page 35:
Change RP613 to RP615L - 1/8 lb, Litho-print, Perf-12; RP613n remains as Recess-print

- Page 36:
Remove dagger (†) from RP652n, 659n, 660n, 667n, 669n.  They have been seen.

- Page 37:
Panels on RP716 can appear white due to wear on plate.

- Page 38:
Add New Item - RP756A - 1/11 lb, imperf, Violet serial #

- Page 39:
Put dagger (†) on RP824 - Series ‘A’ - 1/8 lb roulette - Status doubtful, clipped RM826?
Remove dagger (†) from RP840.  It has been seen.

- Page 40:
Add RP863n, 869n, 874n, 879n, 884n, 889n, 894n, 899n, 904n, and 910n, no serial #
Put dagger (†) on RP900, 907, 909; likely clipped LWE

- Page 41:
Add New Item - RP977a - Three columns, with those at left and centre inverted
  (Courtesy of Fritz Angst)

- Page 42:
RP1009 appears to be clipped LWE.
RP1020 continued in use under rates of June 1940.

- Page 45:
Re: Tuckett Tobacco Type 2 ovpt - 3 mm figure unless otherwise noted.
Add New Item - RP1121b - Corrected ovpt; 2¢ erased and 1¢ added in same font
  (Courtesy of Fritz Angst)

- Page 46:
RP1191 is probably a clipped RP1192 LWE.

- Page 47:
Add New Item - RP1243 - 4c on 1/13 lb, fine roul (Same type of ovpt as RP833 on page 39)

- Page 50:
Change RP1418 to “Short 6¢”
Add New Item - RP1419 - Tall 6¢ on 3¢ on 1/6 lb, fine roul
  (Courtesy of Fritz Angst)

- Page 54:
RP1715 is probably a clipped LWE.

- Page 55:
Add New Item - RP1745 - 4c on 1/8 lb, imperf.

- Page 57:
Put dagger (†) on RP1912 - 1/4 lb, imperf.

- Page 60:
Put dagger (†) on RW9n - 1/2 lb, no serial #

- Page 61:
Delete RW45B - Used imperf.
Remove dagger (†) from RW84n.  It has been seen.

- Page 64:
Add New Items
  - RG30a - Blue serial #, perf-10, wmk vertical “18[68?]”  (The laid lines run the length of the stamps.)
  - RG30b - as RG30a, but missed wmk

- Page 65:
Correction - The wmk on RG51 is vertical “18[68?]”  (The laid lines run the length of the stamps.)
In description of Series 1870, change “linear” to “vertical”.
Remove daggers from RG55 and RG55n, placed by notice of 8 August 2014.  These stamps have been seen.

- Page 66:
Add RG88n - no serial #
Remove dagger (†) from RG106n.  It has been seen.

- Page 68:
In description of RG168 add “(‘C 3’)”
For RG188 change to: “200 on Series 1874 Toronto Division (RG74)”

- Page 69:
Black 25 Cigars, Series 1883 -
Comments on RG222L (added by Note of 8 August 2014) and RG223 -
  1- Put “L” on RG223 as it is also a Litho-print.
  2- RG222L and RG223L differ in their cancellation panels - RG222L has both Horizontal and Vertical lines in its panel, while RG223L has Horizontal lines only.  This is very noticeable, see images below:

Delete the comment regarding litho prints for early black 25-cigar stamps.

Black 50 Cigars, Series 1883 -
The description of RG236L and RG239 were mixed up.  Thus . . .
  1- Delete RG236L, and replace with RG235L - Perf-12, 5 mm serial #
  2- Delete RG239, and replace with RG238 - 50 Cigars, 3BF, coarse roul, 4 mm serial #
Note - RG245, 246 and 248 are all Litho-prints; put “L” on each.
Note - All black 50-cigar stamps seen have horz lines only in cancellation panel.

- Page 70:
Black 100 Cigars, Series 1883 -
  Delete RG249L and RG249Ln
  Add RG251L - no serial #
  Add New Item - RG252L - As RG251L, but Horizontal lines only in cancellation panel.
    (RG251has both Horizontal and Vertical lines in the cancellation panel.) 
  Add “L” to RG259 - Litho-print.
  Both RG255L and RG259L have Horizontal lines only in cancellation panel.

Remove dagger (†) from RG283Ln.  It has been seen.

Blue 50 Cigars, Series 1883 -
  Add “L” to RG335 - Litho-print
  Note: RG322L and RG331L have Horizontal lines only in its cancellation panel, with the text superimposed on lines.  RG335L has Diagonal lines (lower left to upper right) only in its cancellation panel, with the text against a blank background.  See illustrations below:

Series 1883 Cigar Stamps - Summary Details of Cancellation Panels:
  - Unless otherwise noted, the 25, 50 and 100 Cigar stamps have Horizontal lines, with text superimposed on the lines; the 200 and 500 Cigar stamps have blank cancellation panels. 
Exceptions, as described above, -
  - RG222L and RG222Ln have Horizontal and Vertical lines, with text superimposed on lines
  - RG251 has H and V lines
  - RG301 (yellow) has a blank panel (no lines)
  - RG335L has Diagonal lines, with text on a blank background

Put dagger (†) on RG362L, RG374n

- Page 71:
RG388 is 344 mm long
Add New Item - RG389 - 6 Cigars, 350 mm long
RG390 is 368 mm; RG390n is shorter at 362 mm
RG410n is 367 mm.
RG438 is 363 mm.

- Page 74:
Comment Re: RG614 & RG615 - See “Late-Usage” for stamps without serial #
Delete RG616 - Item seen has faked perfs.
Delete RG631a - green tinted blue overprint.

- Page 77:
Delete RC63a
Add New Item - RC90 - 1/40 lb, blue, Recess-print

- Page 78:
Put dagger (†) on RC138

- Page 79:
Delete RC220

- Page 85:
Put dagger (†) on RC505

- Page 88:
Move dagger (†) from RC669 to RC666.

- Page 92:
Correction - RS36 has no imprint.
Put “L” on RS39, it is a Litho-print
Note: RS37Ln is 458 mm; RS39L is 450 mm.

- Page 93:
Overprint on RS74 is Violet.

- Page 95:
Delete RF10; Add RF9L (misidentification)

- Page 98:
Remove dagger (†) from RT98an.  (Dagger added by Note of 8 August 2014.)
Put dagger (†) on RT130n.

- Page 99:
Put dagger (†) on RT181a.

- Page 100:
Re: RT228 - 1/5 lb - Change “blue” to “violet” serial #. (Delete “blue” from introductory comments.)

- Page 101:
Remove dagger (†) from RL1n.  It has been seen.

- Page 104:
Re: RR17 - change “blue” to “black” serial #.

13 September 2016

See "Published Articles" page for an Addendum to the history of the Cigarette stamps and
for the later history of the Raw Leaf Tobacco stamps.

30 May 2016

See "Published Articles" page for the early history of the Raw Leaf Tobacco stamps.

22 January 2016

See "Published Articles" page for a History of Canada's Cigarette Stamps and their use, 1877-1974.

19 January 2016

See "Published Articles" for a discussion of the Secret Identification Marks on Canadian federal revenue stamps.  

30 October 2015

Starting in 1883, the cancels on the stamps used by Canadian manufacturers incorporated their official Licence Code.  There were three parallel series of these codes: Tobacco Manufacturers, Cigar Manufacturers, and Raw Leaf Packers.

Thus, the code “6-10D”, being Licence № 6 of Customs & Excise Port № 10 in the Province of Québec, represents . . .

    - Imperial Tobacco Company, on a Tobacco, Cigarette or Snuff stamp    
    - General Cigar Company, on a Cigar stamp
    -  J.O. Forest & Cie., on a domestic Raw Leaf stamp 

In addition, approved foreign manufacturers received supplies of stamps to be affixed at their plants outside of Canada.  These stamps were cancelled with a three-digit identification number.

Lists of the Licence Codes and Identification Numbers are posted on the “Published Articles” page of this site.

12 August 2015

- Pages 76 & 77:
Series 1881, Toronto Division - change signature of J.Morrow to W.C. Stratton
(affects RC23, 43, 69, and 73)

20 July 2015

- Page 11:
Important New Item - RM64A  Strip stamp, perf-10, laid paper, linear wmk “crown / EXCISE / beaver / 1868”

British American Bank Note Company records give that the one and only printing of 65,250 of the “Long Blue (Customs)” tobacco stamp of Series 1869 was delivered to the Customs Department on 30 March 1869.  To the best knowledge of this writer, the copy shown here is the first philatelically recorded example of this stamp.
(Reference: Crown versus BABN, “Case for Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada,” pp. 305, 612 & 656.  Library and Archives Canada, Records of the Department of Justice, RG 13, Vol. 2092.)

19 July 2015

- Page 22:
It has been decided to delist RN15, RN25 and RN31.  The vertical margins (especially those on the 1/9 lb) are just not wide enough to preclude production from the vertical guillotining of sheets whose perforations were slightly off centre.  Tuckett tobacco commonly guillotined the small tobacco stamps used by it to a width of 2.5 cm.

- Pages 24 & 25:
Re: Tucketts 1942 Types 2, 3 and 5 excise tax overprints – The small 2s measure 3 mm high by 2¾ mm wide; the large 2s measure 3½ mm high by 3-3¼ mm wide.

- Page 25:
New Item - RN117a   - Double overprint, 2¢ on 1/11 lb

- Page 26:
Change colour of RN162 overprint to dark violet-black

- Page 27:
In British American Bank Note Type 2 change “6 mm” to “5½ to 5¾ mm”, and change “7 mm” to “6½ to 6¾ mm.”

For RN250 and RN280 - change “imperf” to “trimmed to imperf by tobacco company”
Delete RN260, RN286 and RN288 - trimmed stamps

- Page 76:
Remove references in parentheses to Brandom catalogue numbers, (C102TP, et cetera)

- Page 77:
Add RC63n – no serial number

For RC92 - Delete “Litho copies were also produced”

Delete “L” from RC101L - 1888 blue 1/20 lb
Note: The 3-pound restriction for cigarettes was introduced in 1888

- Page 78:
Add to description of RC122 and RC125 – “coarse roulette” (blue 50 and 100 cigarettes)
Add RC134a   – Horizontal background lines almost entirely absent – worn plate?
Delete dagger (†) from RC164 - 100 cigarettes, perf-12 (red)
Add to description of RC178 “coarse roulette” (100 cigarettes, green)
Delete dagger (†) from RC192 - 100 cigarettes, perf-12 (blue)

- Page 79:
Add “S” to RC206 and RC208 – perforated varieties – seen only with rose ‘specimen’ overprint
Status of RC220 questionable – likely dull cutting knife used along horizontal edges
Amend description of RC262† to read as “imperforate ”

- Page 80:
Add RC294A   — Sawtooth roulette (percé en scie) on 18 Cigarettes

- Page 82:
Change captions “RC420 - late 1950s” and “RC411 - late 1950s”
Use of stamps of the type of RC411 through RC420 began by March 1957.
See: BNA Topics, March 1957, Vol. 14, № 3, p. 70.

- Page 88:
Remove dagger (†) from RC695   10c on 5c on 25 Cigarettes (L.O. Grothé)

- Page 89:
After examining additional examples of RC713 and RC714, the colour of RC714 would be better described as “purple (i.e. reddish-blue)” with some variability in the hue.  Magenta would contain more red.

Re: Rock City 1943 Excise Tax Overprints - RC716 through RC724
Careful examination has determined there to be two inks for these overprints.

- Ink I (violet-black) varies in its appearance depending on the relative angle of observation and incident light. At certain angles of reflected light there is a lustre to the ink.  When strongly backlit, the overprint is translucent and appears distinctly violet.

- Ink II (blue-black) is consistent in its appearance regardless of the angle of lighting and observation.  It has little to no lustre.  When strongly backlit, the overprint is nearly opaque and appears almost black.

All of RC716 through RC724 have been seen with Ink I - shiny violet-black. Three items have been seen with Ink II - dull blue-black - as follows:

RC716a   4c on 2c on 7 Cigarettes
RC717a   4c on 2c on 8 Cigarettes
RC719a   8c on 4c on 20 Cigarettes
RC720a   10c on 5c on 22 Cigarettes

Add a new class of overprint at bottom of second column:
● 1943 Excise Tax Overprints by Tuckett Tobacco, 1-18-E
Type 1: Irregular blue 8½ to 9 mm hand-stamped figure with “¢”.  Items seen thus far appear to have been stamps on had at the March 1943 increase in the excise tax as they were coded “COA” in black prior to receiving the blue handstamp. (“COA” = Third Month, 1943, First Quarter.)  Imperforate unless otherwise noted.

RC726B    4¢ on 2c. on 10 Cigarettes
RC726E    10¢ on 5c. on 22 Cigarettes

- Page 90:
Put dagger (†) on RC729a   – 8¢ (The items seen are too sloppy to make a definite identification.)

Add new item - RC731b   Light blue 10c overprint (on 22 Cigarettes)

Amend description of 1943 Excise Tax Overprints by British American Bank Note – Type 1– from “6½ or 7 mm” to “6½ to 6¾ mm (degree of inking?)”

Amend RC739a, RC739b and RC739c from “6 mm” to “5¾ mm”

- Page 91:
In description of  Type 2 (Red) BABN 1943 excise tax overprints change “6 mm” to “6½ to 6¾ mm (degree of inking)”, and change “3 mm” to “2¾ to 3 mm.”  The “4” on RC766 is 6 mm tall and of a noticeably different form.

Remove dagger (†) from RC769a; it has been seen.  However, the doubling of the overprint is weak, resembling a kiss-print.

Add new item - RC772a   10c on 22 Cigarettes with slightly doubled ‘kiss-print’ overprint.
Add new item - RC801a   - Dark brown-red overprint
Add new item - RC802a   - Dark brown-red overprint
(The dagger (†) on RC802 was deleted by a correction of 13 July 2014.)

3 January 2015

- Page 81:
Comment on RC353b - The second and third overprints are very faint.  Kiss-prints?

- Page 82:
Note: RC424 is a Small Stamp overprinted in black “Over 3 Lbs . . .”

- Page 86:
Add new item - RC635a   Weak doubling of entire overprint visible along the lower edges of the number and letters.  Kiss-print?

Add new item - RC650b   As RC650a, but overprint slanted slightly upwards, left to right, and shifted to very bottom, partly off the stamp.  The missing portion of the overprint is present at upper edge from the stamp once located above.

- Page 90:
Comment on RC739a - “poor inking” = The edges of the dark blue 4c are show a greater irregularity than is normally found with a BABN overprint.

Add new item - RC739c   As RC739b, but dark blue 4c. shifted to lower right, almost completely off the red ‘2’.  The dark blue overprint now covers the red ‘c’ and the upper quarter of the ‘I S’ in Excise.

Add new item - RC744a   8c. overprint shifted down, completely off the 4c. and on to ‘EXCISE / TAX’

Remove dagger (†) from RC754   10c. on 5c. on 22 Cigarettes.  (Dagger placed in error.)

Delete RC756   16c. on 8c. on 40 Cigarettes, imperforate.  (Appears to be a trimmed stamp.)

26 December 2014

- Page 45:
Add new item - RP1149   Black 2¢ on 1/13 lb, imperf
-Page 50:
Add new item - RP1415   Tall 4¢ on 2¢ on 1/10 lb, imperf, blue overprint

- Page 82:
Delete dagger (†) from RC374, and change description to " two-line roulette "
Delete dagger (†) from RC389 and RC393 - 23 and 25 Cigarettes, perf-11
Delete dagger (†) from RC418 - Orange overprint on 25 Cigarettes, imperf
Add new item - RC413   Black overprint on 20 Cigarettes, imperf

8 August 2014

- Page 64:
RG36 exists with pairs of blue 5 mm serial numbers on a single stamp:
Item 1 - Imperforate, numbered 034001 below “Port of” and 034250 to right of “Val per M.”
Item 2 - Perf-10, numbered 061001 below “Port of” and 061250 to right of  “Val per M.”
The status of these items is uncertain

- Page 65:
Put dagger (†) on RG52, RG55 and RG55n

- Pages 68-70:
Delete the word “Consumption” from headings.  They should read simply as “Black Stamps” and “Green Stamps”

- Page 69:
Add RG222L   25 Cigars, Pointed ends, perf-12
Change RG223n to RG222Ln
In the description of RG228 delete “(unlisted)”

- Page 71:
Put dagger (†) on RG577 and RG580 - “blue” serial numbers

- Page 74:
In the description of RG628 delete “(G350)”
In the description of RG633 delete “(G351A)”

- Page 75:
Put dagger (†) on RG701

- Page 96:
Remove dagger (†) from RT1n

- Page 98:
Remove dagger (†) from RT81
Add dagger (†) to RT95n and RT98an

- Page 100:
For RT218 change colour of serial number to Violet.
RT213 to RT228 - many/most copies have the long white ends trimmed off.

- Page 108 - Conversion Table - Third Column:
Change G194 = RG304L to G184 = RG304L

3 August 2014

- Page 20:
Put dagger (†) on RM414

- Pages 56-58:
Unused remainders exist for RP1848, RP1864, RP1865, RP1869, RP1871, RP1878, RP1884, RP1913, RP1915 and RQ3.

28 July 2014

- Page 47:
Move dagger (†) from RP1230 to RP1232
Add dagger (†) to RP1270a
Delete RP1278b
Add RP1279 † -- As RP1278, but ovpt has ‘4’ open at top

- Page 50:
Change RP1382 to “4¢ on 2¢ on 1/14 lb”

- Page 51:
Under Tuckett Tobacco 1943 Type 5 add
RP1435  Short ‘4’, small ‘c’ on 2¢ on 1¢ on 1/10 lb on 1/16 lb
RP1436  -- Tall ‘4’, large ‘C’

27 July 2014

- Page 42:
Add in Tuckett Tobacco section - RP994 † 2/23 lb on 1/11 lb (Brandom’s P699)

- Page 45:
Add under Black Overprints - Type 2 - RP1149 † 2¢ on 1/13 lb (reported but not seen)

- Page 46:
Move dagger (†) from RP1186 to RP1187

26 July 2014

- Page 40:
Change “RP859  – Used without serial #” to “RP858n  – no serial #”
Add to RP936 . . . , coarse roulette

- Page 41:
Overprints of Imperial Tobacco (RP940 - RP955) were also used by its B. Houde Co. Ltd. subsidiary (Licence Code 7-13D)

- Page 42:
Status of RP1012 uncertain, might be clipped RPM1013

25 July 2014

- Page 38:
Put dagger (†) on RP761 - Series of 1915 - 1/10 lb with Blue serial #

- Page 39:
Put dagger (†) on RP848 - Series ‘B’ - 1/8 lb roulette - Status doubtful, might be clipped RM849

23 July 2014

- Page 9:
Delete the comment “(unlisted)” for RM14a.  This referred to being unlisted in Brandom.

- Page 32:
Add RP335n, no serial #
Delete RP342n, no serial #

- Page 34:
RP442, change to 250x15 mm
Add RP562an, no serial #
Delete length given for RP564 - seen only with ends cut off

- Page 35:
Add suffix ‘S’ to RP605, seen only with a reputed specimen “CANCELLED”
Replace dagger (†) on RP612a with ‘S’
Add RP621n, no serial #
Delete RP622n
Delete RP625A, not a regular type of serial number

22 July 2014

- Page 37:
Delete RP721 and RP721n

- Page 111 - Conversion Table - Third Column:
Delete P528 = RP721

21 July 2014

- Page 28:
Move dagger (†) from RP56a to RP56

- Page 31 - New Item:
Add RP268n, a rouletted version of RP267, but no serial number

- Page 33 - Amendment:
RP422a should have the suffix ‘S’ for seen only with a reputed specimen “CANCELLED”

- Page 110 - Errors in conversion table - Fifth Column:
P324 = RP75 should be P334 = RP75
P324b = RP75a should be P334b = RP75a

- Remove dagger (†) from the following; they have been seen:

- Add dagger (†) to the following:

20 July 2014

- The following stamps should be marked with a dagger (†) as “reported, but not seen”-



- The dagger (†) should be removed from the following items; they have been seen -




- The following stamps should be added to the listing:

Page 10 - RM45n
Page 12 - Series of 1874 - Montréal Division - RM84 †    1/4 lb, Browne  (This is Brandom’s M175)

14 July 2014

Addition to page 75 - Series of 1960 - Deep Blue Denomination and Serial Number:
RG685 - 100 Cigars, coarse roulette

13 July 2014

Corrections to

- Page 79:
RC194, RC198 and RC200  -- 10, 50 and 100 cigarettes with red overprint --
should have the bold ‘S’ suffix (e.g. RC194S) as they are known to this writer only with a specimen cancel such as ‘CANCELLED’, ‘Registered’ or the two-line, roller-cancel ‘TOBACCO /A-20’.

- Page 91:
Delete the dagger (†) on RC802†, it should never have been marked as such.

- Page 107 - Conversion Table:
Replace C544b = RC353b with C542b = RC353b

6 May 2014

Click HERE for a discussion of the colours found on the Series 1897 Tobacco Stamps, and the lack of red Snuff Stamps.
  (PDF file posted on Dropbox.)

3 March 2014

Click HERE for details of the B. Houde Company, the National Snuff Company  and the small Snuff Stamps of Series 1897.
  (1.27MB PDF file posted on Dropbox.)

22 January 2014

Click HERE for the story of Fabien Rene Edouard Campeau and the tobacco stamps
   (1.17MB PDF file "F R E Campeau for WEB" posted on Dropbox.)

11 December 2013
- Image of roulettes on Series 'C' stamps

27 October 2013

Additions to

- Page 16:
RM261b - 20 lbs black, Short Laurels, 5 mm serial #, with coupons & stub dated “189_”
RM263b - 35 lbs black, 5 mm serial #, with coupons & stub dated “189_”
RM268bn - 70 lbs black, with coupons & stub dated “189_”, no serial #
(NOTE: The numbering of RM268bn is provisional pending the appearance of a serially numbered copy.)

- Page 18:
RM348dn - 1 lb red, seventh coupon removed from the design, no serial #
RM349n - 5 lbs red, no serial #

30 September 2013

- Correction to Page 64:
Series of 1868 Cigar Stamps - RG23 to RG25
Delete "Blue 5 mm serial numbers" in "NOTE"
(As given in the heading, the 1868 issue did not have serial numbers.) 


8 September 2013

- Correction to Page 42:
RP1008 (and RP1009) should be “2/19 lb on 1/9 lb”

7 September 2013

Series 1880 & 1881 Cigarette Stamps (pages 76 & 77):
- Conversions for unfinished remainders (i.e. imperforate and no serial numbers)

Brandom = Ryan
C111TP   = RC3u
C112TP   = RC3au
C116TP   = RC4u
C117TP   = RC4au

C138TP   = RC11au
C139TP   = RC11u
C155TP   = RC33au
C158TP   = RC33u
C169TP   = RC15au

C170TP   = RC15u
C187TP   = RC31au
C189TP   = RC31u
C194TP   = RC37au
C196TP   = RC37u

C203TP   = RC39u
C204TP   = RC39au
C210TP   = RC47u
C216TP   = RC81u
C723TP   = RC57u

C725TP   = RC63au
C727TP   = RC63u

Subpages (1): Published Articles