Cloud Applications Canada

Some examples of cloud computing you may already use.

Cloud computing is the latest technology to affect the world.

Many applications are hosted on cloud servers. Having the accessibility to access files from any where is very convenient.

Cloud computing technology runs on a client / server base. It utilizes your web browser protocols. LAN (local area networks) are the start of what we now call "Cloud computing" The need to download applications in most cases is diminished.

Large data bases networked together make running applications with multiple platforms a top feature of the cloud server. The user

device must have a browser and world wide web connection

to use cloud services.

Cloud users will see a reduced cost to handle big or small work loads. Large hard drives or storage devices are always a big cost when puchasing IT hardware.

Memory capabilities do not need to be as large to utilize cloud technology. Apps are run with-in the cloud data base / network. The client server handles the user browsers experience.

Hot mail is another example of how a cloud server works. Users can log in and view their email is almost any where in the world that has internet service.

Music files,online games,plus other down load applications are often hosted on a cloud sever.

Hybrid clouds are now being developed for platforms using a plug-in or extension for your web browser.

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is a good example.

The term "Cloud Computing" is a new name for advanced technology we have already developed. Cloud networking will also help integrate IPv4 and IPv6 platforms. IPv6 has been implemented on the world wide web because the IPv4 network ran out of ip address's available. IPv6 has many more ip address's and can handle larger packets. This allows for higher encryption of information.

If purchasing a Cloud server service,be sure to check that the company has a solid foundation. The shutdown of a company could seriously affect a business that has many files and applications stored on a cloud.

Multiple data-bases has many advantages but also a few drawbacks. If your cloud is "Global",your privacy policy may not be in effect in certain countries. If dealing with sensitive online content,risk management should be consulted.

Recently Google announced they would provide

free cloud computing for printing your documents

any where in the world.

(Providing you have internet access and use a device with client-server browser.)

Other applications such as Google Modules and Microsoft windows also utilize cloud computing.

Several other types of

cloud networking is provided by all the major search providers

Google,Microsoft and Yahoo host many client's applications for free. Developer tools and groups also incorporate sandbox programs. These also having client based networking allowing multiple users to work on various projects. Since they are hosted on a cloud server,developers can access powerful applications without downloading the software.

Sensitive or some Business applications may be better suited for private networking. A "private cloud" limited in size and using select protocols can be developed for secure log in and connection. world wide web cloud applications Canada.

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