Camp Ogle

Camp Ogle Registration OPEN for Summer 2022

Each week will feature a different interactive section of world history, as campers will spend a week living in different periods of world history and playing a role in the successful development of their own civilization. Camp Ogle provides children a summer opportunity to not only learn about important events of the past, but also to experience them. Every summer, Camp Ogle will feature several separate simulations that will challenge the students to make problem solving decisions on important historical decisions. While learning about some of the events that made our civilization what it is today, students will live the history, as this real-time historical simulation camp will be an experience and academic event that the students will always remember.
We will hold junior and senior sessions. Both sessions will follow the same theme but work on age appropriate material. Those students entering 4th grade can choose either the junior or senior session. The Camp Overview and breakdown of weekly classes are as follows:

WEEK ONE Week of June 20th - 24th, 2022

The Age of Mythology

Born from the stories and legends of cultural traditions, myths have been used for centuries to explain the unknown, to make reason where there is doubt and to give hopeful explanation to the inexplicable. And as time roles on, and science helps us better understand the world around us, these myths have remained a part of us. Not as explanation of the world around us, but as symbols and glimpses to cultures long ago. In this week, students will compare and contrast different legends and different myths from very different cultures. And throughout the course of the week, students will assume to roles of Achilles, Ra, Odysseus, Thor, Apollo and Hercules as Roman, Norse, Egyptian and Greek Mythology clash for the entire week.


The senior session (entering grades 4-12) of this camp will be instructed by Mr. William Ogle.

The junior session (entering grades 1-4) of this camp will be instructed by Mr. Joseph Brown.

This session of camp is currently filled to 80% capacity.

WEEK TWO Week of June 27th - July 1st, 2022

The Old American West

Set in the days of Billy the Kid, the James Gang, Annie Oakley and Doc Holliday, campers will get to spend a week in the Wild West of the American Frontier. Steaming locomotives, bandits, bank robberies and the lawless west will be the setting for everyone has campers try and survive this exuberant era of American History. Hang on to those hats and glasses, cause this here will be the wildest ride in the wilderness.


The senior session (entering grades 4-12) of this camp will be instructed by Mr. William Ogle.

The junior session (entering grades 1-4) of this camp will be instructed by Mr. Wayne Muse.

This session of camp is currently filled to 85% capacity.

WEEK THREE Week of July 11th - 15th, 2022

The Roman Empire

When two brothers named Romulus and Remus created their settlement along the banks of the Tiber River, they had no idea how this place would blossom into a city that would dominate world events for nearly a thousand years. Have the chance to build one of the greatest cities in civilization as the Roman Republic is built, brick by brick. As Rome flourishes, threats of its existence are everywhere, from Greece in the east, the Huns in the North, Gaul in the west and Carthage in the south creating an uneasy atmosphere throughout the Republic. Will you stand tall for this emerging world power that is more advanced, more civilized, more powerful than any that had come before it? Can Rome rise to greatness, or will the world around it, bring Rome to a crashing fall? For one week, do as the Romans do, and learn how one city transformed a civilization and created an empire.


The senior session (entering grades 4-12) of this camp will be instructed by Mr. William Ogle.

The junior session (entering grades 1-4) of this camp will be instructed by Mr. Joseph Brown.

This session of camp is currently filled to 75% capacity.

WEEK FOUR Week of July 18th - 22nd, 2022

Camp Ogle All Stars - An Adventure from the Stories of Harry Potter, Star Wars, the Marvel Universe & Jurassic World

For the final week of camp this summer, we will stray from our historical themes and delve into everyone's favorite stories. Students will be placed into several different experiences and they will get to live out their adventure this week in several fantastic environments. Students will get one day at Hogwarts, solving mysteries that surround all the most famous and infamous witches and wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Our story will then flow and move to a galaxy far, far away as campers will get the chance to guide a Star Destroyer or the Millennium Falcon as they search for the key to unlock a hidden Jedi temple. We'll continue as we land on Isla Sorna on an island that mirrors when Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. Our inevitable summer thunderstorms will likely knock the power out on the island and campers will have to try and survive this cataclysmic situation. Finally, they will finish the week living alongside with Earth's Mightiest Heroes as campers and the Avengers try to survive and attack from Thanos! This week will function in an adventure style similar to all our history editions, but will use the stories from the most famous current American mythology to drive the spirits of our week long camp that will bring an epic finale to summer camp for 2022.


The Senior session (entering grades 4-12) of this camp will be instructed by Mr. William Ogle.

The junior session (entering grades 1-4) of this camp will be instructed by Mr. Joseph Brown.

This session of camp is currently filled to 93% capacity.

My goal as a teacher is to not only to give my students an educational adventure that they will always remember, but also to open their minds and hopefully allow them to see our world in a different way then they ever have before. I teach through simulation, motivation and inspiration. My students live the experience, and they retain knowledge because what they are learning about is happening to them and becomes meaningful to them. Their experiences will create memories, understanding and knowledge that will always stay with them.

Camp Ogle Details

Location: Avalon Community Center, 13401 Tanja King Blvd. Orlando, FL 32828

Time: 9am-3pm Monday-Friday

Price: $250 per week for one week of camp

$200 per week for two weeks of camp

$150 per week for three or more weeks of camp

Discounted weeks apply to siblings. For instance, if a brother and sister attend one week of camp, the cost is $200 per child, $400 total.

All Campers Receive: In depth interactive instruction on history, symbols and geography; and a camp t-shirt.


Who can Register? The Senior Camp Sessions are targeted for students in 4th-9th Grade. If you would like a student outside of that grade level to participate, they will be accepted with the Camp Director's permission. Camp Ogle Junior is designed for grade 1-3. For students entering 4th grade, they can choose which session, senior or junior, they prefer.

Do I have to bring a lunch? Yes. Lunch is not provided by Camp Ogle. Each child may also bring a healthy snack if they so chose to do so.

Do I get a Camp Ogle T-Shirt? Of course you do. Along with a week of learning that will allow students to understand the evolution of civilization in a way they never thought of before, each camper will get a t-shirt! *Please note however, if you do register within a month of a specific camp starting, there is the possibility of receiving a regular Camp Ogle shirt and not a camp specific version, considering the shirts are ordered about a month prior to each camp.

Is there a chance that Camp Ogle will fill up and you may not be able to register? Yes. Spots in the camp will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Once the camp is full for a given session, a waiting list will begin and if anyone cannot attend the camp, or fails to make a payment one week prior to the camp's start date, then students on the waiting list will be given a chance to join the camp. You can reserve your spot in the camp by filling out the form that is attached below. If less than 10 children sign up for a given session, Camp Ogle holds the right to cancel that specific class up to one week prior to that class’s first day. If the class is cancelled due to low enrollment, all students will receive a refund for that specific week, and that week only.

Is Camp Ogle affiliated with Orange County Public Schools? No. Camp Ogle has no affiliations with OCPS or Avalon Elementary School.

How do I register?

1. Complete this online form or fill out the Registration/Release of Liability form that is attached at the top of the website and e-mail your completed form to or mail the completed form to 13909 Golden Rain Tree, Orlando, FL, 32828. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and receipt when your application forms and payment are received, guaranteeing your spot for each week you register. If any of the sessions of camp that you selected are already filled, you will receive an e-mail informing you that the requested section of the camp is filled.

2. Make your payment on Venmo to @willogle31, or you could mail a check to the address above, made out to Camp Ogle. Payments are made with registration and class lists will be created in the order the registration form and payments are received.

Camp Ogle Weekly Overview

During each week long in depth study of World History, the students will:

  • Create their own community, including the creation of governmental rules and bylaws, which try to satisfy the community goals that they have self-established for their civilization

  • Work on balancing their budget to make sure that their community is economically and fiscally secure

  • Create and sign treaties to ensure the domestic tranquility oftheir community or kingdom

  • Reflect based on how their community is progressing throughout their respective historical era

  • Make speeches that promote their community or kingdom as a better place to live and work

  • Make several difficult decisions as to where to draw their alliances when territorial disputes arrive

  • Make critical decisions to guide their community through troubling times in an attempt to make their community a safe and successful place for their people to live

  • Study the political use of propaganda and how it can effect popular decisions

  • Reflect on their experience, including how things have gone similarly or different from their original community plan

  • Learn to relate how important world events and specific important moments in time helped determine the future of our world

Be passionate about what you do,

stand up for what you believe is right,

remember the past,

and dream of the future.