Cameron Peng

Assistant Professor

Department of Finance

London School of Economics and Political Science

Research Interests:

Asset Pricing, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Finance, Household Finance

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Working Papers

  1. "The Inference-Forecast Gap in Belief Updating," with Tony Fan and Yucheng Liang (Experimental Instructions)

  2. "The Gender Gap in Household Bargaining Power: A Portfolio-Choice Approach," with Ran Gu and Weilong Zhang

  3. "Factor Demand and Factor Returns," with Chen Wang

    • CFAM-ARX Paper Award, Finance Down Under Conference, 2022

  4. "Investor Behavior Under the Law of Small Numbers"

Work in Progress

  1. "The Convenience of Digital Money," with Shumiao Ouyang (Draft coming soon)

Papers under Revision

  1. "Personality Differences and Investment Decision-Making," with Zhengyang Jiang and Hongjun Yan

    • Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Financial Economics


  1. "Taming the Bias Zoo," with Hongqi Liu, Wei A. Xiong, and Wei Xiong (2022), Journal of Financial Economics 143, 716741.

    • Online Appendix

    • CFRC Best Paper Award, 2021

    • Click here for an excellent article by Alex Chinco on how surveys can be used to differentiate multiple explanations targeted at the same anomaly

  2. "Extrapolative Bubbles and Trading Volume," with Jingchi Liao and Ning Zhu (2022), Review of Financial Studies 35, 16821722.

  3. "Asset Complexity and the Return Gap," with Paul Gao, Allen Hu, Peter Kelly, and Ning Zhu (2022), Conditionally Accepted, Review of Finance.