Cameron Peng

Assistant Professor

Department of Finance

London School of Economics and Political Science

Research Interests:

Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Household Finance

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Working Papers

  1. "Taming the Bias Zoo," with Hongqi Liu, Wei A. Xiong, and Wei Xiong, 01/2021

  2. "Factor Demand and Factor Returns," with Chen Wang, 01/2021

  3. "Personality Differences and Investment Decision-Making," with Zhengyang Jiang and Hongjun Yan, 08/2020

  4. "Exploited by Complexity," with Paul Gao, Allen Hu, Peter Kelly, and Ning Zhu, 08/2020

  5. "Investor Behavior Under the Law of Small Numbers," 2017

Papers under Revision

  1. "Price and Volume Dynamics in Bubbles," with Jingchi Liao and Ning Zhu, 01/2020