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Activision Infinity Ward Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the most successful online multi-player game

to-date .Modern warfare 3 is the lastest edition released. Microsoft xbox 360 and Sony PS3 are the best platforms for playing the game. Both have similar graphics and multiplayer ability.

Pre-ordering new games is becoming popular and eliminates the chance of store running out of stock. Seasoned gamers know that having first map experience enhances their level of game play. Knowing the lay out and hiding / sniper spots,makes it easy to wipe out the new recruits. Until a player learns the map,the experienced fighter will have the upper hand. Using great caution to "keep your head down" is recommended when first entering unknown territory.

Enhanced weapons in COD Modern Warefare 3 make the game even more exciting than previous editions.

New maps,hiding spots ,shortcuts, weapon upgrades and more make for stunning three dimensiuonal game play. Solo missions or online multi-player modes are available.

Game cloud basic definition:Shared data base and servers that host the applications. This allows users to play with online browser protocol integration.

COD Modern Warefare3 has made the game more realistic with different strike packages.

Players are now rewarded for more than just how many game kills they make. Holding positions,getting flags,stategic moves and more are rewarded. This allows different styles of play fair point scoring. A player with less kills but more strategic moves can win the game.

Assault,support and specialist modes allow the player to pick what is suited best for them. Some prefer to go in with all guns blasting while others take the tactical approach.

Domination points and assists also help your score. Big body count can be aquired with sentry guns,assault drones,predator missiles and aerial recon.

Specialist mode unlocks perks with kills obtained. Every 2 kills opens another perk. When 8 kills are obtained,all perks are unlocked. They are extra ammo, weapon upgrades and support weapons.

As you progress your status, you become a super soldier and do not have to reley on air support as much, allowing you to invade a heavy enemy fortified battle arena.

Although team effort is crucial in large matches. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is more individually geared for improved player style results.

Players prefer certain weapons and as you get better with a certain gun,the gun also gets better. Such as reduced kick or sway for better accuracy. Certain guns have select upgrades.

Assault class has the ability to hold their breathe while shooting like a sniper. Another class allows you to run faster. Experimenting and using different weapons will unlock the extras in various game modes.

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