Summer 2018

Blast Off!!

Blast Off will get your student started in piano studies!
It is designed to give them a them a good grasp of the basics: rhythm notes, keyboard geography and technique. Classes meet for 5, hour long sessions spread across a week of June 4th. If there is enough demand the week of June 11th will be added. 

After Blast Off!! Keep your students learning with the School Year Course

It's so portable and easy to play - it's the cool ukele!
A great first stringed instrument that is easy on the fingers, especially small one. And it's so fun!
Kids learn basic rhythm patterns, stumming and chords. 
They will be able to accompany themselves as they play.
The ukelele is a great introduction to skills used in guitar.

                                                                        We Sing Summer                                                                         Every one has their own unique instrument! In We Sing Summer, students are taught scales and arpeggios, how to                                                                              breathe properly and how to project. Beautiful simple songs will be taught to aid proper vocal placement and breath