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8th Annual Mixer for CACs
Weds., May 3, 2023
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Special Education - Community Advisory Committees (CACs) are mandated by state and federal laws and regulations that address parent involvement in Special Education. 

CACs have been designed in the legislative spirit and intent to establish a local forum for active parent involvement. The California Education code, Part 30, describes the role and responsibilities of the CAC (56190-56194). CACs advise the Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs) as specified throughout the Education Code in Sections: 56001, 56190-56194, 56195-56195.5, 56195.7, 56195.9, 56200, 56020-56035, 56205-56208, 56240, 56728.7, 56780, 56836.23-56836.31, and 56836.156-56836.159. CACs are ever-evolving and there is much to learn. There are many successes to share but also challenges to address. When CACs connect, partner, and share information, this will move us forward in supporting students.  

Please help us to connect to CAC parent members and leaders by sending them a link to our Facebook page, Facebook group, Pinterest, and CAC Google group list serv (email list). Together we achieve more!  

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