My goal is to create as much thought-provoking, meaningful and entertaining work as I can. Creating, Developing, Screenwriting and Directing have always been the most effective ways for me to express myself. I find it enjoyable and rewarding to express my creativity in a way that relates to other people and turns a personal concept into a collaborative effort between many talented individuals. 

GOD, trials and tribulations have prepared me to do incredible work and I always look forward to my next endeavor. While creating and screenwriting allows me the freedom to explore all of my ideas on the page, I enjoy the creative challenges inherent with coordinating TV and film productions and the rewarding nature of the work. We all have a calling in life; I am here to trigger emotions through arts, entertainment and charity work.

I am CAB International, come ride with us...

CAB's Core Businesses

CAB International Entertainment;

CAB International Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment and production house. You can look forward to seeing us in and on all your favorite media outlets.

CAB Humanitarian Projects;

CAB International Group will provide mental, emotion, career and financial support to disenfranchised women and children's programs to strengthen communities on a global scale.