Our goal is to create as much thought-provoking, meaningful and entertaining work as we can. Creating, Developing, Screenwriting and Directing have always been the most effective ways for us to express ourselves. We find it enjoyable and rewarding to express our creativity in a way that relates to the world and turns a personal concept into a collaborative effort between many talented individuals.

GOD, trials and tribulations have prepared us to do incredible work and we always look forward to our next collaboration and endeavor. While creating and screenwriting allows us the freedom to explore all of our ideas on the page, We enjoy the creative challenges inherent with coordinating TV and film productions and the rewarding nature of the work. We strive to create content without all the violence in animated TV and feature films, so instead of complaining we decided to do something about it. What separates our company, KING CAB STUDIOS from most other studios is we "plan" to NEVER put violence, (guns or death on camera) in any of our animated productions. There is conflict, but no violence. We all have a calling in life; We are here to trigger emotions through arts, entertainment and charity work.

KING CAB's Core Businesses


CAB International Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment and production house. You can look forward to seeing us in and on all your favorite media outlets.

KING CAB Humanitarian Projects;

CAB International Group will provide mental, emotional, career and financial support to disenfranchised men, women and children's programs to strengthen communities on a global scale.