I am Byeongwoo Kang. I am an assistant professor at the Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University, Japan.


  • Currently employed at a leading university in Japan
  • 10+ years research experience in engineering and management/policy, in private and public sectors, and in Japan and Korea
  • Expertise: East Asia, ICT industry, Patent data analysis, Standard essential patents
  • Achievements: 9 articles in SSCI-indexed journals and 38 U.S. patents



News (dd/mm/yyyy)

(01/10/2018) A discussion paper is published [Link].

(03/07/2018) I am awarded a Young Scholars Award 2018 of the International Schumpeter Society.

(13/06/2018) A paper is accepted by Technological Forecasting and Social Change [Link].

(11/01/2018) A paper is accepted by Pacific Focus [Link].

(26/12/2017) A working paper is published [Link].

(30/10/2017) A paper is published by Technology + Management (기술과 경영) [Link].

(25/10/2017) A paper is accepted by Applied Economics Letters [Link].

(01/10/2017) I am appointed as an adjunct researcher by the Research Institute of Automobile and Parts Industries, Waseda University.

(15/05/2017) I am appointed as an affiliated fellow by the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy.

(07/03/2017) A paper is published by Hitotsubashi Business Review (一橋ビジネスレビュー).

(01/10/2016) I join Hitotsubashi University.