Insects are among the most diverse group of animals on the planet; they are flying, walking, crawling, and swimming insects. They are nasty and they are beauty.Insects can be found in nearly all environments, taking photos of insects can be very tricky mainly because they move a lot and you will need good lenses like 100mm macro will do the trick.

The common species is the European honey bee. Bees are flying insects well known for their role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax. Next Page

There is one most important rule in photography; you have to take photos every day and lots of it.

 Honey bees
 Insects photo snaps photography happy snapper .....


 Honey bees



The housefly It is the most common flies, and one of the most widely distributed insects, found all over the world, it is a pest that can carry serious diseases. You will learn quickly what part of day is best to take photos for me morning and evening are best, but for macro I like lots of light so middle of the day is pretty good.


 House Flies
 Hover Flies
 Blow Flies

Blow Flies adults are commonly shiny with metallic colouring, often with blue, green, or black thoraxes. Blow Flies are the most common causes of myiasis in humans and animals. Myiasis in humans: dermal and sub dermal, facial cavity, wound or traumatic, gastrointestinal, vaginal.

 Blow Flies
 Dead Flies a good flies :)
 Blue Wren
 Golden Orb

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