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水牛城小尾羊欢迎您! 本店是中国内蒙小尾羊餐饮集团的加盟连锁店, 经营有传统的火锅和烧烤,我们还增添了中国和韩国的精美菜品,详情您可以查看我们的菜单部分。本店采用现代Bar式装修风格,店内座位118位,配有四个豪华KTV包间及大厅超大屏幕LED。是您美食休闲和各种聚会的好去处。

店介绍 (Introduction) ( Search us on Facebook @Buffalo Little Lamb)

Buffalo Little Lamb welcomes you!

Buffalo Little Lamb is an international hot pot chain restaurant with about 600 locations. Currently, we have four locations within the United States, located in New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, and our current location in Buffalo, New York.

This 118 seat capacity restaurant in Buffalo features granite tables with heat-induction cookers. Our four VIP rooms are equipped with the newest karaoke and audio systems to bring you the ultimate entertainment, while enjoying our hotpot cuisine.

Our menu contains a plethora of food selections; we offer five different healthy and nutritious broths as well as various dipping sauces to complement the food. Diners cook the provided ingredients within the boiling broths and then dip the cooked food in their own sauce creation.

We also offer plenty of excellent Chinese and Korean dishes. We have authentic Sichuan cuisine / Mongolian-Chinese barbeque and different flavored lobster and duck dishes. Please check out our menu section for details.

We here at Buffalo little lamb aim to not only provide you the best dining experience, but to expose you to the extensive culture behind the cuisine! We are pleased to present live performance of the Chinese traditional musical instruments on Saturday night 7:30-8:30PM. Please come and check it out!

Please call 716-834-0218 to place your order/reserve your private dining room. (我们从1月16日星期六开始堂吃服务,您可电话716-834-0218点餐或预定包间)

To place orders for delivery, please search Buffalo Little Lamb on Uber Eat or Grubhub.