About Us

Our charity was created in October of 2004 soon after the passing of Henry L. "Buddy" Ehrlich, a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, friend, brother, leader, singer, and inspiration.   Buddy Ehrlich was a bigger than life character, whose passion for giving was only surpassed by his love of church and family.


Buddy often spoke of the importance of family heritage and the importance of doing the right things the right way -- all of which create an individual's and family's legacy.   Always a man of faith, his passion for church grew immensely late in his life.  Cancer took him away from us at the age of 75.   The Buddy Ehrlich Foundation seeks to honor the former (religious education) and battle the latter (cancer).

Buddy's wife and love of his life, Frances, passed away in December of 2019.  She was the wind beneath his wings and in her honor, the name of the foundation was changed to Buddy and Frances Ehrlich Foundation in January of 2020.  While the name has changed, the underlying mission remains.