Our Cars

Macy - Owned by Ian and Diane - 1967 Traveller in Old English White with Red  interior
She has belonged to Ian and Diane since January 2013 and has undergone a fun/full restoration
MOT,ed for the first time since 1986 in February 2016 and has 51,000 miles on the clock
Macy - owned by Ian and Diane

Maggie - Owned by Stephen - 1959 2door saloon, black with red leather interior. 
Stephen and his dad got the car as a joint birthday present in 2013 and partially 
restored the car to use at his wedding in 2014.

'Grumpy Joe' - Roger and Jayne (on loan Pickup)

Janice Moore's Morris

Denise and James - 4 door saloon - Dash

 Geoff's 1954 Morris Minor Series II 2 Door

Gladys - owned by Susie and John

Simon and Lesley's previous Van - the current one is undergoing restoration