MMP2 Multimodal Pack


Lgns(s) 45' x2 (IFB, Touax).

Sdggmrs(s) 104' T2000 x1 (Wascosa).

Sdggmrs(s) 104' T3000e x7 (Cemat, DB Cargo, Express Rail, NACCO, Hupac, Wascosa, Wascosa/TX Logistik).

Sdggmrs(s) 104' Twin-I x2 (AAE, DB Cargo NL).

Sdgmns(s) 54' T3 x3 (AAE, DB, Hupac).

Sdgns(s) 60' T4.2 x2 (Hupac, Wascosa).

Sdgns(s) 57' T5 x2 (Hupac, Wascosa).

Sggmrs(s) 90' x10 (AAE, AAE/Green Cargo, CD Cargo, Crossrail, DB, GTS, Hupac, Rail Cargo Group, Touax, Wascosa).

Sggmrs(s) 104' x3 (AAE, DB bauart715, Kombiverkehr).

Sggrs(s) 80' x6 (AAE x2, DB, PKP Cargo, TSS, Wascosa).

Sgns(s) 60' x8 (AAE, DB, DB Cargo NL, GySEV, Hupac, IFB, STB, Touax).

Sgns(s) UL 60' x2 (Hupac, Wascosa)

Many Containers, Semi-Trailers and Swap-Bodies for common loads.

New this release:

  • Pocket Wagons Twin-I & T5
  • Sggmrs715 104'
  • Sggmrs(s) 104'
  • Photoreal tanktainers and various additional FreightAnims.