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High Adventure First Aid


Coming soon answers to these questions:
How do I become a HAT member?
Contact David Decker at (818) 249-3180 or email ddecker@flewelling-moody.com
We need all levels of skills or just plan help, learn with us as we help others in many ways.
How do I apply for a HAT award?
What do I need to do to go to Philmont?
Where can I send my High Adventure pictures?
     Send pictures to thomasbk@earthlink.net with a subject of HAT pictures. Please include the location of the pictures and a short description of them along with unit number. Ignore spamblocker message as I will retrieve emails for HAT.

Why not have a more user friendly url?
 This site was started as an experiment that worked better than expected, so we decided to share it. We are currently working with the Verdugo Hills Council and the Executive Board for a final home and policies for this site.