BSA 22/47, paired with an M20, throbbing along the A686 at Clargill Burn, near Alston, Sept 2015.

BSA introduced the 22/47 sidecar in 1947. It 
comprises chassis type 22 with body type 47 attached.

As is usual with many old sidecars, detailed information is not easy to find but does exist. It just takes time to locate. The VMCC library contains only a sales leaflet from the late 1940s. However, this sidecar design featured in several magazine articles during the 1940s and 1950s as well as in BSA sales adverts and literature. I've set up this small website to act as a home for any information that I can find, together with details of my own example's history and restoration. The top right picture in the group below shows my own bike and sidecar in the early 1950s, when it lived in Cumberland.

BSA 22/47 sidecar BSA 22/47 sidecar
     1955, Magazine photo of BSA 22/47 sidecar              1950s, Hesket Newmarket, Cumberland.

BSA 22/47 sidecar 
                            2011, Carlisle.                                                   2013, Northumberland.

BSA 22/47 sidecar BSA 22/47 sidecar
                     2014, Isle of Man holiday.                                       2014, Isle of Man holiday.  

The 1947 specification for the 22/47 sidecar included the following details:

    Triangular construction chassis with four-point attachment
    Body suspension by quarter elliptic leaf springs at the rear with phosphor bronze, bushed shackles
    Double helical springs provide body suspension at the front
    Hinged scuttle
    Wide door
    Rexine upholstery
    Pneumatic seat cushion
    Full enclosure hood with protective cover
    Streamlined boot cover with metal strap retainer and lock
    Black finish
    3.25 inch section tyre on 19 inch rim
    Chassis assembly incorporates easily-operated jack
    Weight 178 lbs
    Price: £75 1s (including £15 16s purchase tax)
    (An M33 motorcycle was just over twice the cost of the sidecar, at £154 18s)