Published Work

European Economic Review (2018), volume 109, pages 305-333.

Work in Progress

China Rebalancing and Trade - a Gender Perspective.

with Era Dabla-Norris and Grace B. Li

Learning from Foreign Firms: does FDI Increase Exporter Competitiveness?

with Shawn Tan

VAT and Competitiveness: The Distributional Effects of VAT Reforms on Firm Exporting Behavior.

with Matthieu Bellon and Era Dabla-Norris

Structural Transformation and Labor Mobility over the Life Cycle.

with James Lake and Michael Sposi

International Trade with Two-Sided Information Frictions.

with Cathy Zhang

Policy Papers

with Era Dabla-Norris, Christine Kamunge, Pooja Karnane, Salma Khalid, Kalpana Kochhar

Media coverage: CNN, Women in the World Canada Summit