Want to get in touch with some tenants, ideally from the same country or language to discuss and be completely sure about the house ? Just ask !

Thank you for the wonderful room. I really really enjoyed my time here in brussels - Lena from Sweden

Already more than one year past by since I moved to Brussels into the "Happy House of Monrose", unbelievable! I have some really good memories - Ferdinand from Sweden

It was nice staying in this house! Thanks again ! The room was really nice and the people here are amazing. I had two incredible months in Brussels. I will definitely come back. - Christine from Austria

I have really enjoyed living in the house these past years. You have always been very helpful and at the same time I have met a lot of nice and interesting people - Thomas from Denmark

Thanks for the great summer in the Gustave Fuss house. - Mike from USA

Many thanks for this time, and well once my hotel is up and running, feel free to come for a visit :) - Maria from Italy

Thanks for everything, I have had a great time in Brussels - Julie from Germany

At the end my wonderful period here is going to end..-)!... - Mariaelena from Italy

I just arrived, everything is fine! It's a beautiful house - Helene from Germany

Thanks so much for your fast and kind reactions about everything. I really appreciate it (especially when I hear from other lessors in Brussels who just don't care at all)! - Hanna from Norway

Thanks again for your help - Paul from UK

Awesome ! That was really cool - Matthew from UK

Thanks for everything.I have spent a really good time in Gustave House. - Eva from Sweden

I would really, really love to stay, but unfortunately I will have to go back... I´m glad there are so many interested people, they will have a great time at Monrose House! :-) - Lisa from Germany

Thanks for the uncomplicated Check-Out and the nice stay in Bruxelles. i am going to recommend your Flat ! Markus from Denmark

Thank you for your accommodation, it was - once again - wonderful to stay in Monrose House - Lisa from Germany

Chère Stephanie, merci pour tes messages. Je suis bien arrivée hier et l'accueil a été très chaleureux:-) - Lily from France

Thank you very much for everything and good luck with your houses, the room was perfect! - Floris from the Netherlands

The house honesty looks much better than the photos ! - Marina from Greece

Thanks for everything and for being such a good landlord. It was perfect - Francesco from Italy

I really like the room, the house looks so nice as well as the room itself, and everything is very well operated, you were so nice with the whole process and your steady efforts to help - Paul from UK

The room is really good ! U will promote the room as much as i can, because i am happy from the house and you as good landlady. - Marina from Greece

I am leaving tomorrow and I just wanted to say thank you so much! I've absolutely loved living at Gustave House. - Nora from USA

J'ai passé du bon temps à Bruxelles et la maison était vraiment super.- Andreas from Germany

It was great! And i got to meet the roommates. They were very welcoming and I appreciate all the help! - Michael, from USA

J'ai passé un très bon séjour ici - Yohann from France

Merci pour tout, la coloc est super - Leticia from Spain

I was in the house for 5 months, you were so very nice with me that's why I would like to take a room in one of your houses for other 6 months. - Anca from Romania

I just want to say goodbye for now. I have enjoyed living in Monrose for the past four and half months! - Anders from Denmark

J'ai vraiment bien profité de mon séjour. Merci pour tout. La colocation était vraiment super sympa.- Mathilde from switzerland

A friend of mine recommended your Fuss House's options. - Borislav

Chris and I moved in to the house Monrose yesterday and we love it! It is absolutely beautiful and perfect for us. Thank you so much for everything. I am so happy to be staying here! - Chloe from USA

I moved in this morning and everything was perfect.- Antonella from Italy

I had a great time living here ! Everything has been fine and most definitely have enjoyed my stay. - Nuala from USA

I've absolutely loved staying here - it's a great place. - Chris from USA

I will have a new job in January! I would like to keep my room for at least six months - Rehanna from UK

Je suis très intéressé pour louer une chambre chez vous. Vos appartements en colocation m'ont été vivement conseillés par Gilles - Tanguy from France

Everything is great and all the flatmates are awesome. Greg from USA