Book Ordering

Bruce Ingram's books on the James, New, and Shenandoah/Rappahannock cover all float trips available on these rivers, plus information on access points, rapids, fishing hot spots, and trip planning. Basically, paragraph by paragraph, mile by mile, Ingram takes you on a trip down these rivers, so that when you go on your own excursions, you can have safe, pleasant experiences. Designed for float fishermen, paddlers, birders, and wildlife watchers, these three where to go books are the most detailed works available.

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James River Guide...$20.75 (new edition, 2014)

New River Guide...$22.75 (new edition, 2022)

Shenandoah/Rappahannock Rivers Guide...$22.75 (new edition,2014)

Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths... (Sold out, available only as an e-book. Can be purchased through

South Branch and Upper Potomac Rivers Guide...$22.75 (published in 2014)

Living the Locavore Lifestyle...$18.25 (new book, published March of 2016)

Ninth Grade Blues...$17.25 (new book, published August 2017)

Tenth Grade Angst...$17.25, published in May, 2018

Eleventh Grade Stress...$17.25, published October, 2019

Twelfth Grade Hopes and Fears...$18.25, published October, 2020

Ingram's fourth book, Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths, covers how to catch smallmouths on fly and spinning rods throughout the year, plus such topics as conservation easements, riparian zone creation/protection, taking kids fishing, canoe camping, birding by canoe and much more.

The South Branch and Upper Potomac book covers from the Smoke Hole section of the South Branch downstream to the Upper Potomac just above Big Falls. The format is similar to the other where to go river guides.

Living the Locavore Lifestyle details how people can hunt and fish for food, as well as gather wild fruits, nuts, and mushrooms, and raise chickens, a garden, and fruit trees toward a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Ninth Grade Blues is Ingram's first Young Adult Nonfiction novel. The book follows four freshmen through their first year of high school. Each student tells his or her story a chapter at a time, as they try to cope with the stress and drama of high school. Tenth Grade Angst is the sequel to this book and follows the same four students during their sophomore year in high school. Eleventh Grade Stress, the third book in the series, continues the story. Twelfth Grade Hopes and Fears completes the series.

Send check or money order to Bruce Ingram at 1009 Brunswick Forge Road, Troutville, VA 24175. Prices listed above include tax and shipping charges.