Projects & Events

Some of the many projects we hold each year...

A great day with great women enjoying good food and the company of each other

Finishing up those personal projects such as scrapbooking, cardmaking, knitting\crocheting, and other crafts too!

Tater Daze Festival

History of the Tater Daze festival

Brooklyn Park Tater Daze is a unique festival where residents pay homage to the humble potato. Early settlers discovered that potatoes flourished in the flat, sandy soil of the area; this area then went on to become one of the nation's top potato producers. Despite the Great Depression, drought and urbanization, Brooklyn Park has shown its strength as a community willing to work together and make our city a welcoming place for everyone.

The first Tater Daze festival in 1964 saw a variety of exciting events, including a queen pageant, Tater Mash Dance, kite flying, a parade, games, a farmer's market, rides and a pancake breakfast. The prizes given away that weekend included gasoline, free groceries, cash and 420-pound bags of potatoes donated by local growers.

A gift shop that lets children experience the thrill of buying gifts "secretly" for family and friends.

All gifts are child priced for everyone can participate.

Event is held each December

Babysitting Clinic

The goals of the program are to give participants an understanding of small children/infants, give safety information, learn games and crafts to play with small children.

Each participant receives a children's book, and receive a certificate of training.

Classes are held in the Spring.

People with Developmental Challenges

Group Home Events are listed on the Calendar

We visit and celebrate birthdays and holidays a few times a year. Continue collecting soup labels and bring to next meeting!

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