Crawl Space Pipe Repair

Nobody wishes for a flooded crawl space caused by broken sewer lines. It can cause serious havoc to your home. The cause of standing water is a big problem that requires a solution. If your crawl space is flooded, your home’s foundation may suffer damages, your floors may start sagging, and foul smell may arise. Stagnant water in your crawl space may also cause excess moisture, which later creates a breeding ground for rats, termites, and other destructive creatures.

With time, you will need to repair damaged crawl space pipes in your home to keep away health risks associated with flooded crawl space. BroadRiver Plumbing provides the best plumbing solution if you need your crawl space pipe repair. We are prompt in detecting the issue as well as offering quality repairs and replacements to flooded crawl space for all your crawl space pipe repairs.

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Common Problems Caused By Broken Crawl Space Pipe

Drainage Issues

Drainage issues can be the reason why your crawl space is prone to floods during heavy rains. Drainage issues can arise from insufficient guttering and downspouts. Improper property grading or a broken pipe is another factor that can cause drainage problems.


Molds like thriving in damp areas. It means a wet crawl space creates a surrounding that is perfect for mold growth. If warm air from your crawl space arises, it can get into your home and cause serious health issues like allergies. Worst-case scenarios may include obstructive lung disease. Ensure you get a professional plumber to fix any crawl space pipe, causing your crawl space to flood.

High Energy Bills

Flooded crawl space tends to increase moisture levels in every area of your home. If the humidity is higher, it will attract higher energy bills. Humid air is usually warmer and doesn’t cause cold. Therefore; causing higher energy bills. You don’t have to spend money buying a humidifier to cover the problem. Instead, seek professional services to fix any pipe issue, causing your crawl space to flood.

Pest Invasions

If there is water in your crawl space caused by a broken pipe, it will create an environment for pests and bugs. You will find yourself battling with cockroaches, termites, and rodents, among others. These pests and insects can damage your wooden structures if they get into your home through the air ducts or electrical wiring. It’s advisable to get a professional plumber to ascertain the issue and put up a strategy to permanently drain water out of your crawl space.

Standing Water

Some leakages are harmful to an extent you may start noticing puddles, trickles or overflowing water from the damaged area. In such a case, you need to follow the exact place in the pipe that is leaking water. If a significant water pipe leading to your home breaks, it can cause sinkhole and paddles in your lawn next to the source of leakage. If you notice such, kindly call a professional immediately to investigate.

Broken And Leaking Pipes

When you have a water line that is leaking, it may cause flooding to your crawl space in a faster way. Also, a clogged sewer line or a full sewage system can break and overflow to your crawl space, causing a flood. Leaking sewer lines do not only pose health hazards but are also filthy and produce a bad odor. Still water, and more so from sewer lines, can cause mold and mildew to grow. Unfortunately, any rotten organic material coming from a flooded crawl space will finally find a way into your home. Broken and leaking pipes need urgent repairs or replacements to prevent further damages. Burst Pipe Repair should be done immediately to avoid complications.

Getting Water Out Of A Crawl Space

No matter the cause of a flooded crawl space, you need to take a quick action to ensure no water remains there. Do not wait for the water to dry on its own. If you do, other damages may appear in your home. A plumber may sometimes use a wet-dry vac or forcing out the water using a commercial pump machine. However, if the water is less, you can try removing it to the best of your ability. You might as well check tankless water heater upgrade.

Professional Plumbing Company

If you have issues like broken sewer lines causing a flood in your crawl space, you may need professional help to remove the water, especially if it’s in large amounts. Ensuring your crawl space remains dry at all times will reduce the problems mentioned above. BroadRiver Plumbing is keen to details in case you need a Crawl Space Pipe Repair Plumbing. Come in for a free consultation or talk to an expert today! We provide service in the following areas of Beaufort County, SC:


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