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Research Interests

Applied game and decision theory/mechanism design, development, crime (law and economics), behavioral economics, institutions, industrial organization.

Membership in Professional Associations

Econometric Society, Royal Economic Society, American Economics Association, European Economic Association, Canadian Economics Association, American Law and Economics Association, Economic History Association.



Honours and Awards




(1)    Book

Malfeasance and the Market, VDM Verlag Dr Muller, e.K. ISBN 978-383643994-7, paperback, 176 pages.


(2)    Book Chapters

Markets and Morals: Ethical Issues in Economics  (ed. A. S. Guha), New Delhi, Centre for the Study of Civilizations.

Guha, B. (2019): “Knowledge” in The Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer.



(3)    Journal Articles







Working Papers


Work in Progress


            “Experimentally Testing for the Presence of Malice in a Game Theoretic Framework”


 “Manipulability and the Classical Pareto Criterion”, with A. Guha

“Sex Crimes”

“A Model of Polygamy and Labor Market Opportunities for Women”, with S. Grossbard.



Research Grants

    Ford Foundation (under the head "faculty research and teaching") for conducting an economics experiment for the project "Auctions with a commitment to cancel: an experimental study" (2019).


Conference Presentations

1.           Annual Conference on Growth and Development, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, December 2021 (virtual) presenting “Affirmative Action in the Presence of Income Heterogeneity.”

2.           Econometric Society European Summer Meeting (August 2021, virtual) presenting “Affirmative Action in the Presence of Income Heterogeneity).

3.           9th International Conference on Public Finance and Public Policy, CTRPFP (Centre for Training and Research in Public Finance and Policy), Kolkata, January 2020 (presented “Some Behavioural Economics Based Insights on Legal Policy”).

4.           AIIASC 2019, School of International Studies, JNU, January 2019 (session on India’s Recent Development Experience, presented “Microfinance Competition: Motivated Microlenders, Double Dipping, and Default”).

5.           Annual Conference on Growth and Development, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, December 2017 (to present “A Double Edged Sword: Credit Market Imperfections, Stereotyping, and Education Subsidies).

6.           Australasian Public Choice Conference, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, December 2017 (to present “A Double Edged Sword: Credit Market Imperfections, Stereotyping, and Education Subsidies).

7.           Conference on New Developmentalism, University of Campinas, Brazil, September 2015 (to present “Microfinance Competition with Motivated MFIs: Motivated Microlenders, Double Dipping, and Default)

4. 8th Annual Conference on Growth and Economic Development, Indian Statistical 

    Institute, Delhi, December 2012 (to present “Transport Costs, Geopolitics and

    Economic Incentives in Medieval Eurasia and their Role in Shaping Modern

       Economic Growth”)

5. ESAM (Econometric Society Australian Meeting), July 2013 (to present “Games 

    of Moral Hazard and Market Concentration: Audit Oligopolies and Natural

    Monopolies in Experience Goods Markets”)



Editorial Services

Referee for


Other Professional Services

(1)   Outside SMU : Provided input to the founders of the Asian Business School, Hyderabad regarding design of an effective research program, as one of several invited delegates from business schools across Asia (January 18-19, 2008).

(2)   In SMU :


Seminars, Workshops and Economics Talks Given



University teaching

Articles in the Popular Press

Other Publications in Literary Journals

·         “Science Fiction Meets Science Fact: the Robots of Ancient IndiaAnalog Science Fiction and Fact, January-February 2022.

·         Sanskrit poems in translation, “Magic at Dusk” and “The Captive” accepted at Ezra, an online journal of translation.

·         Sanskrit poems in translation, “Futile Heat”, “Besotted”, “Keep it Casual”, and “Thirst”  Empty Mirror, 9th August 2019

·         “Relative Perception”, (a retelling of a Sanskrit science fiction story) accepted at Sci Phi Journal.

·         “A ghostly riddle”, (Sanskrit fantasy story in translation) accepted at the Dr T.J. Eckleburg Review.

·         Intoxicated! (a translation of an excerpt from Mattavilasa, a seventh century Sanskrit farcical one-act play by Mahendravarman), in The Mercurian: Theater in Translation, spring 2020 issue (Vol 8, Issue 1).

·         An Eccentric Writer, a King, and a Bet: the story of how the “Huge Story” came to be (a translation of a story extracted from the Brihatkathamanjari, an eleventh-century Sanskrit novel in verse by Kshemendra), in Samovar, spring 2020 issue,

·         A Riddle-Loving Ghost Saves a King (a translation of another Sanskrit ghost story from the eleventh century), in Newfound, fall 2020 issue.

·         Aurora (a translation of a poem from the eighth-century Sanskrit poet Magha’s Shishupalavadha) in Chrome Baby (issue 94, August 2020).

Popular Talks

·         Speaker at International Women’s Day, IIT Mumbai, on “Women in Research: Women’s Education and Research in Ancient India”, March 8, 2019.

·         Seminar on “Some Ancient Mathematicians, with a focus on Ancient India”, National Institute of Immunology, December 2, 2015.


   Main Administrative Responsibilities at JNU



Students who submitted PhD Theses

Nikita Jain “Motivating Innovations: A Game Theoretic Approach” November 2021.



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